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Saba University School of Medicine partners with Carrot Health in Canada to Expand Student Electives in Ophthalmology and Eye Surgery

Learn more about Canadian students benefiting from expanded Ophthalmology rotations through the new partnership.

Saba University School of Medicine has further enhanced its longstanding tradition of training doctors in Canada by recently establishing a new collaboration with Carrot Health, a prominent healthcare clinic in Oakville, Ontario.

This collaboration will provide expanded elective Ophthalmology and Eye Surgery rotations for students from Saba University School of Medicine, Medical University of the Americas, and St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine. The partnership will empower Canadian students to gain exceptional practical skills and deepen their understanding of the medical profession.

Gerald Wargo, executive vice president for marketing at Saba University School of Medicine, emphasized the institution’s commitment to offering high-quality education and experiences to its students.

“This partnership is part of Saba University School of Medicine’s ongoing efforts to enhance and broaden our educational programs. We are happy to prepare future medical healthcare leaders to meet future challenges. This new elective site in Ontario represents a significant milestone in achieving this mission, empowering Canadian students to acquire exceptional practical skills while furthering their understanding of the medical profession” Gerald Wargo.

Dr. Yasser Khan, medical director of Carrot Eye Surgery, expressed pride in the partnership.

“Carrot Health, specializes in medical/surgical conditions related to the eye and we are proud to provide Canadian medical students from Saba University School of Medicine with firsthand exposure to clinical settings in primary Eye Disease and Management,” said Dr. Yasser Khan. “By mentoring and guiding these students, we hope to inspire and nurture their passion for medicine, enabling them to make a significant impact in the field.”

The new elective will commence in the fall of 2023. 

Saba University School of Medicine and Carrot Health look forward to expanding the partnership to transform medical education in Canada further.

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