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The School of Choice

Saba University School of Medicine is the preferred destination for Canadian students who wish to pursue a medical education abroad.

Canadian students make up a substantial part of our student body, and they are drawn to Saba for the same reasons that attract students from the U.S. and other countries. Notably, Saba has an outstanding track record of helping students secure clinical rotations and residency placements in Canada. Additionally, Saba offers the Canadian Merit Scholarship to support applicants in financing their education.

Kimberly Morrison Kimberly Morrison

Kimberly Morrison

Canadian Student/Class of 2022

Resident at Unity Hospital, Rochester Regional
Health, New York.

Saba has been working with Canadian students for many years securing clinical rotations all across Canada. These rotations take place during the elective phase of their education. The process and timing in some ways mirrors that in the U.S., but there are nuances, and Saba works closely with its Canadian students to ensure that each is aware of the process and is able to target rotations appropriate to his or her line of study.

  • Documentation: Saba’s familiarity with the documentation process at the various Canadian institution-affiliated programs ensures an efficient path toward garnering electives of choice.

  • Historical Data: Saba students are aware of both the programs and the rotations in which previous Canadian students have participated.

  • Guidance: While electives are chosen by the students, a Saba clinical advisor will actively counsel students about appropriate selections.

  • U.S. and Canadian Options: Canadian students have the option to pursue electives in the U.S. or Canada—or both.

  • Reputation: Saba and its students have a strong reputation throughout the Canadian affiliate system, which assists in securing rotations.

Saba has been among the most successful international medical schools in placing Canadian students into residencies in Canada.

Canadian students are eligible to participate in both the U.S. National Resident Matching Program (NRMP)* and the Canadian Residency Matching Service (CaRMS), which take place on different schedules.

To be eligible to participate in CaRMS, Canadian students must pass the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) and have written and passed, or be scheduled to write, the National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) Examination by the September prior to the CaRMS match.

Specific rules on matching in Canada do vary from province to province. Please visit the CaRMS website for more detail.

Below is a snapshot of recent Saba graduate residency locations and programs:

  • University of Ottawa — Neurosurgery, Pediatrics, Anesthesiology

  • University of Toronto — General Surgery, Neurology, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics/Gyn, Urology

  • Windsor Regional Hospital — Family Medicine

  • Hamilton General Hospital — Family Medicine, Physical Med/Rehab

  • McMaster University Med Center — Orthopedic Surgery, Family Medicine

  • University of Manitoba — Internal Medicine

  • University of Saskatchewan — General Surgery, Family Medicine

  • University of Ottawa — Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Anesthesiology

  • McGill/Jewish General Hospital — Family Medicine

  • UWO-London Health Sciences — Orthopedic Surgery, Pediatrics, Neurology

  • University of W. Ontario — Anesthesiology

  • Queens University — Family Medicine

  • Dalhousie University — Anesthesiology, Urology, Psychiatry

  • Calgary Refugee Health Program — Family Medicine

  • University of Manitoba — Family Medicine

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland — Neurology, Psychiatry

  • Northern Ontario School of Medicine — General Surgery

Saba University School of Medicine is not just a top Caribbean medical university; it is the preferred choice for students who aspire to practice medicine in Canada.  

We have established strong partnerships with clinical sites in Canada, allowing our students to benefit from invaluable clinical opportunities. These partnerships provide our students with the chance to engage with diverse patient populations in various settings, enabling them to gain extensive experience that will be directly applicable to their future service in Canada. 

  • Bayshore Neurology Center
    Elective Offered: Neurology
    Location: Ottawa, Ontario 
  • Booth Neurology Center
    Elective Offered: Neurology
    Location: Ottawa, Ontario 
  • Medical Centre for Integrated Health Family and Women’s Medicine
    Elective Offered: Family Medicine and Gynecology
    Location: Toronto, Ontario 
  • OliveMD Medical Centre
    Elective Offered: Internal Medicine
    Location: Etobicoke, Ontario
  • Carrot Health Centre
    Elective Offered: Eye Surgery & Ophthalmology Services
    Location: Brampton, Ontario
  • Bramalea Medical Centre
    Elective Offered: Obstetrics and Gynecology
    Location: Brampton, Ontario
  • Strandherd Crossing Medical Centre Nepean
    Elective Offered: Pediatrics/Addictions Medicine
    Location: Nepean, Ontario
  • Vaughan Sleep Disorder Centre
    Elective Offered: Sleep and Respiratory Disorders
    Location: Vaughan, Ontario
  • CBI Health Nepean
    Elective Offered: Sports Medicine
    Location: Kanata, Ontario
  • Pembroke Regional Hospital
    Elective Offered: Multiple Electives
    Location: Oakville, Ontario

Saba University School of Medicine is approved by Canadian Ministry of Education entitling most students to receive Canadian Federal and Provincial Loans. In addition, numerous banks provide student lines of credit to supplement or substitute for the provincial loan alternative. Some of these banks include CIBC, RBC, TD and BMO, among others. 
Read further information and financial aid options for Canadian students. 

Canadian students have long been a vibrant and important part of Saba’s academic community. Saba also recognizes that medical school education is a significant economic undertaking. With this in mind, Saba has established two scholarships to assist qualified applicants in financing their education – the Canadian Citizen Grant* and the  Canadian Merit Scholarship. All applicants will be considered for both scholarships. Saba is proud of its long history of educating Canadian students, and the important role they play in the school community, as well as in the Canadian medical community as graduates. We look forward to reviewing the scholarship submission.

Canadian Citizens Grant

All citizens or permanent residents of Canada that have been accepted into Saba. Dual citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. do not qualify for this grant.

Candidates must provide the pre-requisite requirements for admission. This includes undergraduate/graduate transcripts, work history, and recommendations.

Award Amount:
$45,000 is generally disbursed over ten semesters depending upon award criteria and directed against tuition only.

Automatically reviewed by Scholarship Committee.

Ongoing Eligibility:
After matriculation, a student must remain in good academic standing and progress in a timely manner (no remediation) toward completion of the Basic Sciences.

Candidates will be notified by the Admissions Department of the Committee’s decision. Candidates will have three days to accept the award by replying to  Scholarship Awards will only be disbursed as a credit against tuition.

Canadian Merit Scholarship:

Citizens or permanent residents of Canada that have been accepted into Saba.

Academic Criteria:
Candidates will be reviewed based on a combination of several criteria that have been submitted with their application. This includes MCAT, undergraduate GPA, work history, and recommendations.

Award Amount:
Based upon academic metrics outlined in the grid below, an accepted student will be awarded the Merit Scholarship in the amount reflective of the undergraduate academic/MCAT performance.  Scholarships are disbursed over ten semesters and directed against tuition only.

  • Faculty Scholarship - $20,000. Based on academic credentials and approval of the Scholarship Committee.
  • The Dean's Scholarship - $65,000. GPA of 3.00 – 3.49 or a MCAT score of 488 – 504.
  • President's Scholarship - $80,000. GPA of 3.50 – 3.69 or a MCAT score of 505 – 509.
  • Future Physician Scholarship - $105,000. GPA of 3.70+ or a MCAT score of 510+.

All U.S. students accepted to the School that meets the “Academic Criteria” outlined above will be eligible for consideration for the scholarship. The Scholarship Committee will review each eligible candidate to determine the Award Amount.

Scholarships are reviewed only for the term in which a candidate applies. Initial screening and calculation of a GPA will occur upon submission of all transcripts to the School. Candidates that qualify will be awarded upon acceptance. Accepted candidates may make an email request for further award consideration to the Scholarship Committee at If a candidate defers to a different starting term, he/she will be reconsidered, but there is no guarantee the award amount will remain the same.

Ongoing Eligibility:
After matriculation, a student must remain in good academic standing and progress in a timely manner (no remediation) toward completion of the program.

Candidates will be notified of awards by the Admissions Department. Candidates must confirm their intent to accept an award within three business days of receiving an award notification. Scholarship Awards will only be disbursed as a credit against tuition.

*Canadian Citizen Grant could be paired with Merit scholarship



In recognition of your academic achievements, the school is offering the new Saba Scholars Grant which can be awarded in addition to academic merit scholarships, or other awards or grants, for new students, assisting in covering up to the full tuition for the first semester. 


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