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An accredited medical program in the Caribbean that parallels the training received at top U.S. and Canada Medical Schools

Saba Equips You to Serve

Saba’s curriculum, crafted by U.S.-based faculty, provides a foundation for success in clinical care and beyond. Aligned with leading U.S. medical schools, our medical program spans ten semesters, encompassing focused academic and clinical studies in both Basic Science and Clinical Science.

Basic Science

Duration: semesters 1-5

Saba’s Basic Science curriculum, designed by U.S.-based faculty, lays the groundwork for success in clinical training and beyond. Through five semesters on the Saba campus, you’ll develop a robust understanding of human health and disease, which is essential for your medical career.

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Saba Lab teaching students

Clinical Medicine

Duration: semesters 6-10

The Clinical Medicine curriculum comprises an 8-week research module and 72 weeks of clinical rotations. In addition to standard lectures, students engage in rotations on the wards of teaching hospitals in the U.S. and Canada.

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Medical Program Timeline at Saba

Saba timeline

A Medical Program with a History of Success

Grad students

For more than 30 years, Saba has offered the top medical program in the Caribbean. Our graduates achieve residencies on par with graduates from U.S. and Canadian medical schools, with 97% of eligible graduates (2020-2024) earning residency placements in the U.S. or Canada.*

*97% Four Year Residency Placement Rate is the percent of students attaining a residency position out of all graduates or expected graduates in 2020-21, 2021-22, 2022-23 and 2023-24 who were active applicants in the NRMP match or attained a residency outside the NRMP match.

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Dedicated Medical Faculty

Saba University School of Medicine’s faculty educates, supports, and challenges students to achieve their maximum potential in the medical field. All Saba professors possess advanced medical and doctoral degrees (MD, MBBS, PhD), postgraduate training in a medical or academic specialty, and proven teaching and research experience.

Saba’s faculty are full-time and are exclusively dedicated to teaching. With a 7:1 student-to-faculty ratio, students benefit from their exceptional individualized support and guidance.

Featured Faculty

Shruti Singh

Shruti Singh


Dr. Singh is a graduate of B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS), Nepal. After her graduation, she acquired expertise in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She joined a three-year postgraduate doctoral residency training in Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at BPKIHS.

She has more than 7 years of passion-driven experience in intensive education in Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology according to integrated USMLE curriculum and other medical curricula across the world. Her knowledge, skills, values, experience, and attitude so acquired have spanned undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate education, teaching basic and advanced concepts in Medical Biochemistry and Genetics, through active lecture sessions, problem-based learning (PBL), and team-based learning (TBL).

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Vaughn Huckfeldt Jr

Vaughn Huckfeldt Jr.


Vaughn Huckfeldt, PhD, is the Director of the Center for Student Learning, and had previously served as the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs. He is committed to the mission of Saba, which is to provide the opportunity to all students to become practicing clinicians. He sees the strength of the school in its small size, helpful atmosphere, and personal connections. He is focused on helping students succeed and grow both academically and personally so that they can excel in caring for their future patients.

Dr. Huckfeldt has been recognized as an excellent teacher at multiple institutions and has worked to redevelop curricula and design course pedagogy based on evidence-based best practices, as well as his decades of experience as a teacher. He believes that the best teaching should excite students about material and should focus on developing a conceptual understanding that can be applied through activities such as analysis of cases.

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Student Testimonials

"Saba is a welcoming place. The professors are always available and your peers can help you too. There are a lot of resources for you."
"The support you feel at Saba is tremendous. If you want to be a physician and help people, then Saba is a great choice."
"Bring able to use cadavers the same day that you're learning about these systems really cements what you've learned that day."

For prospective students

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