Saba Personalized application experience

A Personalized Application Experience

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A Personalized Application Experience

Saba operates on a year-round schedule, with incoming classes starting in January, May and September.

We accept applications at any time throughout the year. The three-term schedule makes it more convenient to get started and allows you to complete your studies more quickly. Instead of a single summer break, you’ll have shorter breaks of two to three weeks between each semester.

That means you will complete your five semesters of Basic Sciences in just 20 months and then return home to do your clinical rotations at ACGME-approved teaching hospitals in the U.S. and Canada that are affiliated with Saba.

Since the number of students in each class is limited and the application pool is competitive, early applicants will have a better chance of securing a place in the semester of their choice.

Things to Consider

How to Apply

Saba’s application process requires a number of documents to be completed, along with a personal statement, all done through the online application portal. For more information, please read this application help page.

Application Process

Financial Information

Saba provides full transparency on course fees and costs, along with supporting applicants with financial aid and scholarships. View our financial information.

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Events and Webinars

We hold a number of events and webinars to make the application process as easy and as smooth as possible. They help to offer insights, give the opportunity to ask questions, along with meeting the team. View events and webinars.

Upcoming Events

Admission Requirements

You are required to fulfill specific requirements to be eligible for medical school admission. For a comprehensive overview, please refer to our admissions page.

Entry Requirements

Canadian Applicants

Saba is the school of choice for Canadian students who wish to pursue a medical education abroad. For further details, please consult the information provided on this page.

Canadian Applicants

What We Look For in Applicants

Throughout the application process, our admissions team will look for evidence of certain pre-requisites to gauge your eligibility for the process. View our guidance on key criteria to study with Saba.

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