Saba Faculty Students Discussion

Student Support Services

At Saba, we are dedicated to empowering students on their academic journey. Our mission is to provide quality support services that nurture personal and educational development, ensuring students succeed and thrive during their time with us. 

Academic Support

Faculty Advisors

We understand that transitioning to a new place and starting medical school can be overwhelming. That’s why our dedicated team of Faculty Advisors at Saba is here to provide support at every step.

Faculty Advisors help you adjust to island life and navigate the demands of medical education. Whether you have questions about the local community, need academic guidance, or seek support for personal development, your Faculty Advisor is your dependable resource.

Creating a sense of belonging and connection among students is also one of the primary responsibilities of Faculty Advisors. Your Advisor will serve as a trustworthy confidant, offering a safe space for you to explore your personal and professional aspirations.

At Saba, we emphasize the significance of the student-faculty Advisor relationship in shaping your learning experience. Your journey with your Faculty Advisor starts on Orientation Day, where you are matched with a dedicated advisor, your dependable point of contact for any questions or concerns throughout the program.

Teaching Assistants

Our dedicated Teaching Assistants (TAs) focus on enriching your learning experience and supporting academic success. They collaborate closely with professors during lectures and provide valuable insights in recitation sessions to enhance your understanding. TAs offer regular office hours outside class, ensuring an accessible space for questions and discussions. Beyond that, they foster collaborative learning experiences, promoting teamwork and critical thinking. Together with our professors, our exceptional TAs are committed to providing the support and resources needed for you to thrive academically.

Learning Center

At the Learning Center, we’re here to unlock your full potential and help you achieve exceptional study results. Whether grappling with challenging concepts or aiming to enhance your study habits, our services are customized to meet your needs.

Discover our key offerings:

  1. One-on-One Consultations: Experience personalized attention as we closely collaborate with you to create customized learning plans. By understanding your learning style and academic goals, we design a roadmap for your success.
  2. Active Learning Strategies: Dive into the learning process with our innovative strategies designed to enhance your understanding and engagement.
  3. Time Management Support: Juggling academics, extracurriculars, and personal life can be challenging. Our time management support offers practical techniques to optimize your productivity.
  4. Goal-Setting Assistance: We help you set realistic and achievable milestones to drive your academic progress.
  5. Effective Exam Preparation: Collaborate with us to develop exam preparation strategies and gain valuable test-taking tips, ensuring you perform at your best.

Academic Coaching

Our Academic Coaching program is designed to empower you with skills and confidence for academic excellence.

Our experienced coaches collaborate closely with you to identify strengths, growth areas, and aspirations, crafting personalized plans to suit your needs and learning style. With ongoing support, we ensure you stay on track to reach your full potential.

Our Academic Coaching program reflects our commitment to your growth and well-being, showcasing that there’s no limit to your achievements with the right support. We’re excited to embark on this academic journey with you and anticipate witnessing your extraordinary accomplishments.

Student Counseling

We provide both group activities and one-on-one support to assist students facing challenges. Students can schedule in-person or virtual meetings with the school counselor for assistance with anything hindering their optimal performance as medical students. This may include:

  • Managing performance/test anxiety
  • Addressing life/situational difficulties
  • Resolving interpersonal conflicts
  • Navigating concerns related to transitioning to medical school or island life

Life can bring unforeseen challenges, and we aim to help you navigate these situations. We offer support and guidance when adjusting to medical school, managing relationships, or coping with personal crises.

Student Support Programming (Wellness)

Our wellness activities at Saba are intricately designed to elevate physical, emotional, and social well-being, for we believe that a healthy mind and body are essential for personal and academic success.

Community Building Efforts

We foster a strong community among students through diverse events, creating a memorable medical school experience.

Integrating the philosophy that a healthy mind and body are foundational for success, our wellness activities promote holistic well-being, empowering you to thrive in every aspect of your life.

Role of Dean of Students

The Dean of Students is pivotal in championing student welfare and fostering a positive campus culture. They address student concerns and actively collaborate with departments to create an inclusive learning environment.

Career Advising