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Saba is home to hundreds of American students who join our community with the goal of becoming successful physicians. Our inclusive and enriching learning community accommodates students with varying levels of academic experience, offering multiple pathways to join us.

Pathways to your Medical Degree

Starting medical school in the Caribbean, followed by completing clinical training in the U.S. and Canada, holds significant appeal for US students. The pathway programs offered at Saba enable students to realize their dream of becoming practicing physicians, irrespective of their academic background.

  • Saba Faculty

    Medical Program

    Saba's four-year medical program offers the strongest academic reputation, the most selective admission process, and the highest USMLE first-time pass rates of any Caribbean medical school.* Do you have what it takes to become a Saba physician?

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  • Saba Bio Lab

    Pre-Medical Master’s Program

    Experience an accelerated medical education program for career changers – those who have an undergraduate degree in something other than the typical pre-med majors. After successfully completing this 2-semester, 8-month program offered by Medical University of the Americas, students will be eligible for admission to Saba University School of Medicine’s medical program.

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  • Saba Lecture Hall

    Gateway Program

    Saba University School of Medicine offers the Gateway Medical Program, a 15-week online preparatory course for students who have received conditional acceptance. Upon successful completion of Gateway, students join the next entering Saba medical school class.

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Student Experience

  • Are you right for saba
    I applied to Saba as it is one of the top three medical schools in the Caribbean. Saba also has a good pass rate for STEP and residency placements.

For prospective U.S. students

Saba is committed to supporting prospective U.S. students with any questions or queries throughout the application process. Please see the following links for detailed information about each topic:

If the information you are seeking is not provided here, please get in contact by contacting via WhatsApp here.

Terms & conditions

*For first-time test takers over the last 5 years. First-time pass rate is the number of students passing the USMLE Step Exam on their first attempt divided by the total number of students taking the exam for the first time.