Medical School Requirements & Prerequisites

Medical School Requirements & Prerequisites

Using a comprehensive approach to the selection of students for admission, Saba University School of Medicine seeks to identify those students who have the potential for success both in medical school and as physicians. If you have a compelling interest in medicine, a commitment to serving others, and a strong work ethic, we welcome your application.

Applicants from the United States (U.S. citizens or permanent residents) or Canada are expected to have a minimum of three years of undergraduate studies, or the equivalent of 90 semester hours or 135 quarter hours from an accredited college or university. Note that preference will be given to applicants who have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher.

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Prerequisite Courses

  • General Biology: One academic year with a laboratory component; can substitute a biology-related course for ½ year of general biology. Students who pursue additional courses in the biological sciences should consider genetics, embryology, cell and molecular biology or comparative anatomy.
  • General Chemistry: One academic year with a laboratory component.
  • Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry: One academic year with a laboratory component.
  • English: One year of college-level English literature or composition. Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in writing, reading and oral communication.

Exceptions to prerequisite courses will be considered on an individual basis. 

Are you lacking most or all of our pre-requisite courses? Then please consider the 8-month online Pre-medical Master’s Program, which awards an MSc in Biological Science via Saba’s sister school the Medical University of the Americas. Learn More Here.