SABA Scholarships and Grants

Scholarship and Grant Opportunities

Scholarship and Grant Opportunities

Saba University School of Medicine has a number of scholarships available.

U.S. Scholarship Information

Saba is proud of its longstanding commitment to educating U.S. students who return home as prominent practitioners in the U.S. medical community and as ambassadors of our school. We recognize that medical school education is a significant financial investment and offer the U.S. Academic Scholarship to support applicants in funding their education.

Canadian Scholarship Information

Canadian students have long been a vibrant and important part of Saba’s academic community. Saba also recognizes that medical school education is a significant economic undertaking. With this in mind, Saba has established two scholarships to assist qualified applicants in financing their education – the Canadian Citizen Grant and the  Canadian Merit Scholarship. All applicants will be considered for both scholarships. Saba is proud of its long history of educating Canadian students, and the important role they play in the school community, as well as in the Canadian medical community as graduates. We look forward to reviewing the scholarship submission.

Transfer Student Scholarship Information

International Scholarship Information

Every student, regardless of their background, deserves the chance to pursue their goal of becoming a practicing physician without financial limitations. For this reason, Saba welcomes outstanding international students each year, acknowledging and celebrating their achievements through the International Achievement Scholarship.