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More to Medical School

What will it be like to spend 20 months studying medicine at Saba University School of Medicine? Probably similar to what it will be like studying medicine anywhere else.

On campus, students must meet attendance requirements and are encouraged to get together regularly with their professors outside of class. Saba faculty typically maintain an “open door” policy for impromptu student consultation and they provide contact information so they can be reached whenever they’re off campus.

Of course, as at any school, there is a life outside the classroom. At Saba, there is a wide array of student organizations as well as an active Student Government Association. Many students get involved in local programs focused on enhancing the health of the Saba community.

Life on Saba

Located just 28 miles (15 minutes by air) from St. Maarten, the island nation of Saba is small, quiet and extremely safe with something for everyone to enjoy: from quaint villages and mountain hiking trails to pristine scuba diving and well-regarded inns and restaurants. In short, Saba is a perfect place to study hard and, when time allows, enjoy the best of what the Caribbean has to offer. Discover more about Saba Island on the official Saba Tourism website.

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  • Saba Island Photos
  • Saba Island Photos
  • More to Medical School
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Life on Campus

Housing options at Saba include dormitories adjacent to campus and a wide range of homes and apartments throughout the island. We feel it is important for incoming unaccompanied students, single or married, to stay in dormitories during their first semester. Second-through fifth-semester students generally live off-campus.

Read on to learn about the housing opportunities at Saba University School of Medicine.


Student Organizations

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“For me, I didn’t want to give up on my dream. I had a friend who introduced me to Saba and had a lot of good things to say about the school. Saba is very well known as a reputable school where they train you well and students get high USMLE scores”.

Cheleng Brifkani MD Clinical Fellow- Geriatric Medicine