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What will it be like to spend 20 months studying medicine at Saba University School of Medicine? Probably similar to what it will be like studying medicine anywhere else.

On campus, students must meet attendance requirements and are encouraged to get together regularly with their professors outside of class. Saba faculty typically maintain an “open door” policy for impromptu student consultation and they provide contact information so they can be reached whenever they’re off campus.

Of course, as at any school, there is a life outside the classroom. At Saba, there is a wide array of student organizations as well as an active Student Government Association. Many students get involved in local programs focused on enhancing the health of the Saba community.

Studying medicine at Saba University

Life on Saba

Located just 28 miles (15 minutes by air) from St. Maarten, the island nation of Saba is small, quiet and extremely safe with something for everyone to enjoy: from quaint villages and mountain hiking trails to pristine scuba diving and well-regarded inns and restaurants. In short, Saba is a perfect place to study hard and, when time allows, enjoy the best of what the Caribbean has to offer. Discover more about Saba Island on the official Saba Tourism website.

Life on Campus

Housing options at Saba include dormitories adjacent to campus and a wide range of homes and apartments throughout the island. We feel it is important for incoming unaccompanied students, single or married, to stay in dormitories during their first semester. Second-through fifth-semester students generally live off-campus.

Read on to learn about the housing opportunities at Saba University School of Medicine.


Housing options at Saba include dormitories and a wide range of homes and apartments throughout the island. First-semester students should plan to live in dormitories, but second through fifth semester students live-off campus.

The Saba Housing Coordinator can answer all your questions:

Housing Coordinator

Telephone: 599-416-3456, ext. 214
Fax: 599-416-3458


Saba University School of Medicine
P.O. Box 1000
Church Street
The Bottom, Saba, Dutch Caribbean


To ease your transition, unaccompanied first-semester students live in one of three dorms, built exclusively for Saba medical students. Dorm rooms come in a range of sizes, including quads, doubles, and singles, and are assigned bases on availability. Dorm rooms are fully equipped with beds, private baths, closets, ceiling fans, air conditioning, refrigerators, microwaves, desks, chairs, and lamps. Pay-per-use laundry facilities are located on the premises.

We feel it is important for incoming unaccompanied students, single or married, to stay in dormitories during their first semester.

Consistent with the institution's commitment to supporting the broader community, these dormitories are owned by Saba residents. You'll find a list of current dormitory charges on the Financial Information page.

More information about dormitory housing is available from the Housing Coordinator.

Saba Housing

After the first semester, all students move out of the dorms. A wide range of fully furnished apartments and houses are available for rent throughout the island. In addition, many families on Saba have private rooms for rent.

Saba is known for it's charming, Dutch-inspired architecture, and many homes afford stunning views of the water and mountains.

All rentals are completely furnished, which includes linens, towels, and fans. On average, fully furnished housing prices start in the range of $650 for a studio/one-bedroom apartment and up to $1,200 - $1,800 for a 3-4 bedroom house. All properties are privately owned, and therefore the price of rentals and utilities varies. Electricity is generally a separate cost.

More information about off-campus housing is available from the Housing Coordinator.


When it comes to food, students at Saba have a range of options:

  • There are several grocery stores in The Bottom and in Windwardside.
  • Saba is also home to a number of well-regarded restaurants serving a range of cuisines from barbecue to French to Middle Eastern.
  • When time allows, the nearby island of St. Maarten can be an enjoyable destination and is well known for its French restaurants.


Student Organizations

Saba University School of Medicine has an active Student Government Association (SGA) that sponsors numerous student events, including a welcome party for new students and health-related projects for the island community. Each semester, the student body elects a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Class representatives to the SGA are elected from Semesters 1-5 and serve on the SGA. Student Activity fees are allocated for SGA projects each term. The officers meet regularly with the medical school administration to discuss student issues. Membership in the American Medical Student Association is actively promoted by the SGA. The specific goals of the SGA are to promote self-improvement, mediate and resolve student problems, and organize recreational activities. The Student Government Association at Saba ratified its constitution in July 1995.

Significant Others of Saba is a support network of spouses and significant others of medical students and faculty members. The organization elects officers and sponsors a number of events, including Welcome and Farewell Dinners and several other events throughout the semester. Members meet all new students to help a family through the initial adjustment to island life. They can be reached via email at, or you can visit the SOS Website.

The mission of the Women’s Medical Student Association is to facilitate the integration of women into the field of medicine at all levels. It is dedicated to the enhancement of personal growth, promoting gender balance in administrative and faculty appointments, and sponsoring education events for the Saba community to further the cohesion of all medical students. Officers are elected each term and meetings are held monthly.

The Indian Students Association (ISA) promotes Indian culture and heritage among students, faculty, staff, and the local population of Saba. Membership is free and open to all students of Saba. ISA encourages members from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds to share their cultural experiences with the group. Celebrations of important festivals and social events are sponsored by ISA throughout the school year.

The Muslim Students Association (MSA) hosts several special events such as a welcome dinner for new incoming students and Eid in November and February. Meetings are held monthly and are open to all students and spouses.

The Christian Students Organization (CSO) meets every Sunday for an informal student worship service. CSO is open to all students and is non-denominational and Bible-based. Students play musical instruments, and the worship service is led by fellow students.

The mission of the Jewish Students Club (JSC) is aimed at exposing Jewish culture and identity to all participants. This group is open to all students. The JSC maintains strong affiliations with the Jewish community of St. Maarten and organizes frequent trips there to celebrate almost all major holidays. The club also organizes Shabbat dinners as often as possible. They can be reached via email at .

The mission of the Student’s Association for the Advancement of Professional Development (SAAPD) is to provide a formal forum for students to be exposed to professional development as it pertains to medical practice. The vision of the SAAPD is to produce medical students who are conscientious about professional development as it pertains to lifelong learning. Through this organization, we organize grand rounds and small group discussions on clinical vignettes. We expect to have three to five grand rounds per term and four to five clinical vignette discussions per term. The SAAPD can be reached via email at .

The Africa Diaspora Association is a student group that welcomes students and faculty of all different backgrounds to learn about each other's different cultures while embracing the similarities that tie us all together. Our goal is to explore the roots of Africa and discover the ties that live in all cultures of today. We have a very diverse executive board from many different cultures and backgrounds. Our goal is to collaborate with our unique entities and promote diversity. We are very interested in your thoughts and ideas so please feel free to contact our executive board.

Saba students and staff stay connected through the campus information network, mySaba.

The mySaba network is the place to go for exam schedules, course syllabi and course schedules, important notices, newsletters, online library access, student events, and club information.

A login to mySaba is provided upon arrival on campus.

Visit Saba Campus

We are pleased to announce the SABA SOJOURN for interested students. Take the opportunity to visit the beautiful Saba campus, meet the faculty and students, and tour our classrooms and facilities. Come visit on us.

Saba offers you the opportunity to study medicine on a small, quiet and extremely safe island with something for everyone to enjoy: from quaint villages and mountain hiking trails to pristine scuba diving and well-regarded inns and restaurants. Come see first-hand where you will study medicine within a tight-knit community and a pristine setting. Meet professors, and begin those relationships that will carry forward throughout your medical career.

If you visit the campus and matriculate within the next three semesters Saba will refund you the cost of your airfare and lodging (for a total cost up to $1000).

*For interested students only. Receipts will be necessary for reimbursement, and must be submitted within 30 days of matriculation.

Contact Saba Admissions to coordinate.

“For me, I didn’t want to give up on my dream. I had a friend who introduced me to Saba and had a lot of good things to say about the school. Saba is very well known as a reputable school where they train you well and students get high USMLE scores”.

Cheleng Brifkani MD Clinical Fellow- Geriatric Medicine

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