SABA Graduate Testimonials

Cirous Sadeghi

Chief Resident Internal Medicine

Cirous Sadeghi MD photo

Currently Chief Resident in his Internal Medicine Residency at University at Buffalo, Cirous Sadeghi has always been a leader and embraced all that life has to offer him. Cirous pursued his quest for medicine by specializing in Cellular and Molecular Biology at Concordia University, Montreal. During his undergraduate degree he was also nominated President of the Concordia Chess Club and served as a Resident Assistant.

When looking into medical schools, he had a friend at Saba in the 5th semester who spoke highly of the school. Learning that “half the class is Canadian, and that the school has a good reputation and is affordable made Saba the choice for me”. Cirous goes on saying.

“I loved the natural beauty of the island and picked up Scuba diving. It is a scenic and peaceful environment. Living on Saba was a very positive experience for me. It gives you a level of maturity and experience that other schools do not give you.”

Continuing with his tradition of leadership, Cirous was a TA for both the Neuroscience and Biochemistry courses during his Basic Science semesters while working as the VP of the Athletics Club at Saba.

He speaks fondly of his clinical rotations and his matching process, sharing that “it was good to have different experiences in different parts of the country. I matched into my number one choice, which was Internal Medicine at the University at Buffalo.” He continues, “Buffalos’ Gates Vascular Institute is a highly dedicated center for cardiovascular care in Western New York, which has given me a vast experience in managing cardiac related illnesses during my residency”.

Now serving as Chief Resident, he is working on quality improvement initiatives hospital wide including patient length of stay, patient safety, and safe discharge. At his outpatient clinic he has also initiated and completed multiple quality improvement projects in hypertension control, breast cancer and lung cancer screening, presenting his work to the state, national and international audience. As the Chief Resident, he knows the responsibility entrusted on him and has been providing essential educational and administrative framework to incoming interns and facilitating the transition from PGY1 to PGY2.

Next up for Cirous is a 3-year Fellowship in Cardiology at NYU Winthrop Hospital, the Long Island hospital base of NYU Langone Health System and a Level 1 Trauma Center.

Cirous radiates enthusiasm when he talks about his work and hobbies. “I like to explore and push the boundaries. Soccer, scuba diving, snowboarding, and powerlifting are some of my hobbies. While on Saba, I also DJ’ed at multiple parties, including the mid-way event. I believe whatever makes you happy you should pursue it. If you have a positive approach, the doors are open to you.”

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