From Marine Biology In Nova Scotia to Pain Management Fellowship

From Marine Biology In Nova Scotia to Pain Management Fellowship in Florida

Jennifer Lee Harris’ journey took her from Marine Biology to Pain Management fellowship after her Anesthesiology Residency.

Jennifer came to Saba from Wolfville, Nova Scotia, where her family physician, Dr. Gunn, encouraged her to apply. His son, son-in-law, and partners in his practice, had all graduated from Saba and spoke very highly of the school. As an undergrad at Dalhousie she studied marine biology, graduated with honors, and worked briefly for the government before deciding to pursue a career in medicine.

“Saba was really great for me. I loved Saba, and for me I was happy from the beginning. I had no adjustment period, maybe because I had traveled a fair amount as a marine biologist.” Jennifer was actively involved in the school while doing her basic sciences work, serving as a TA for Physiology, Neurology, and Psychology while also serving as Treasurer of the Women’s Medical Student Association. “I worked hard at Saba, and I never felt more prepared for an exam than for I did for the Step 1 exam.” 

As Jennifer went through her clinical rotations she become enamored of surgery, until she said she spent some time talking with practicing surgeons. “The surgeons I spoke with didn’t have very positive things to say about the specialty. The Anesthesiologists seemed happier”.

Choosing to do an Anesthesiology Residency at MetroHealth Medical Center in Ohio, Jennifer transferred after a year to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia to be near her fiancée and complete her anesthesiology residency there. She will shortly be embarking upon her one year Fellowship in Chronic Interventional Pain at the University of Florida in Gainesville.” I have always had an interest in pain, and did a lot of electives in pain management. Pain is the one field of anesthesia that is different. I find pain management procedure heavy, and you have the opportunity to stay connected to the patient. I really like this interaction with patients.”

“I tell students who are looking at medicine to be passionate about what they are doing, and keep all options open. Be realistic, but optimistic!” 

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