4 Great Reasons to Become a Doctor

4 Great Reasons to Become a Doctor

Read this blog post to discover 4 awesome reasons why you should become a doctor.

Doctors play a huge role in the lives of many. From getting vaccinated as babies to seeing the doctor during the flu season, people around the world are incredibly grateful to the medical experts in their lives. As a result, many youngsters dream of becoming a doctor; after all, watching doctors running against time to save a patient’s life can be awe-inspiring and is among one of the many reasons to become a doctor.

However, the life of a doctor in reality is not always as glamorous as it looks on TV. Doctors must be prepared for long shifts and tiring schedules, so it’s vital to balance your personal and professional lives well.

In this blog, we’ll explore four different reasons that can motivate you to take up this noble profession and apply to medical school.

Below are the four awesome reasons to become a Doctor.

1. Professional respectability and job security

It is known that doctors around the world command respect and admiration, as they’re responsible for restoring and preserving human health and life. The respect and adulation you may receive as a doctor can be a strong motivation to work hard and enter this field.

Another notable advantage of becoming a doctor is job security. As this is a career only open to those who are highly-qualified, becoming a doctor ensures that you should be always be open to well-paying and interesting jobs for as long as you want to practice. As a doctor, you most likely will not encounter mandatory retirement at age 60. In fact, there are many instances where doctors are engaged in their practice well into their senior years.

2. Affordable medical degrees

A common deterrent for many medical aspirants is the high cost of medical education. In the past, some have abandoned their dream of becoming a doctor because of an inability to secure a scholarship or lack of funds for tuition.

However, there are good medical schools like Saba who are working on bridging the gap between quality education and affordability.

3. Diverse career opportunities

The medical profession can open up many domestic and international career opportunities. Even if you don’t want to practice, you can opt to set up your own hospital or nursing home and turn to the administrative field as a hospital chairperson or a nursing home director.

Other career opportunities include roles in the healthcare management industry as a clinical research director, hospital manager or cosmetic surgeon. You can also look for academic positions as a medical college lecturer or professor at a university.

4. Great pay and perks

Doctors are among the most highly paid professionals in the world with many established experts earning six-figure salaries in their respective disciplines. Depending on your specialization, expertise and years of experience, you can even earn more than one million US dollars annually! According to Payscale, doctors with an MD degree can earn an average annual salary of $211,000 globally.

Other than great pay packages, doctors are also privy to perks offered by the pharmaceutical industry as part of clinical research or prescription trials.

The medical education you receive is crucially important, and will play an instrumental role in your residency placement. You should choose a medical school that offers a diverse curriculum and comprehensive clinical exposure that can provide you with the relevant skills needed to be a doctor.

Saba University School of Medicine offers an excellent clinical medicine program that consists of an 8-week research module with 72 weeks of clinical rotations in a wide variety of medical disciplines. This course can allow you to put your theoretical knowledge to practice in real-life clinical settings and learn from experienced and senior doctors.

Learn more about the Clinical Medicine Program at Saba.

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