Brandon Nightingale, RLRA paper published in Journal of Neurology Research

Congratulations to Saba student, Brandon Nightingale, on the publication of her RLRA paper.

Brandon Nightingale

Saba student Brandon Nightingale had his Saba RLRA (Research: Literature Review and Analysis) paper published this summer in the prestigious Journal of Neurology Research. Written at the end of the Basic Science and unique to the Saba curriculum, the purpose of the RLRA paper is to further develop students’ abilities to evaluate and assimilate scientific evidence and to reinforce the skills required to critically appraise the ever-changing body of medical knowledge.

Interested in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) disease since the wildly popular ice-bucket fundraising effort, he was surprised to learn that there was only one drug approved by the FDA for treatment of the disease until very recently. Edaravone has just been approved by the FDA and now is the second drug on the market for this very deadly disease. Says Brandon, “My RLRA paper is about understanding ALS from a holistic approach and exploring a relatively new therapeutic treatment for the disease. Edaravone has shown success in slowing the progression of ALS and is only the second therapeutic approved by the FDA for this disease”.

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