Saba Holds Basic Sciences Recognition Ceremony

Celebrate the students who finished their first five semesters and find out more about the awards received.

Basic Sciences Recognition Ceremony

Recently, Saba University School of Medicine held the Basic Science Recognition Ceremony to celebrate the students who finished their first five semesters.

During the ceremony, two awards were given to recognize outstanding students. Rahul Pawa was awarded the Dean of Basic Science Award for achieving the highest grades in the class.

Temitope Tayo was awarded the Student Excellence Award for high academic achievement, an excellent essay and outstanding service to the school and community.

Congratulations to all the students who completed the Basic Science program.

For prospective students

Saba is committed to supporting prospective students with any questions or queries throughout the application process. Please see the following links for detailed information about each topic:

If the information you are seeking is not provided here, please get in contact by contacting via WhatsApp here.

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