Why Getting an MD is More Challenging Than Ever

Efehi Kelly Ogbomo, 2020 Internal Medicine Residency, SSM Health St Mary’s Hospital

Efehi Ogbomo secures their top internal medicine program. A testament to hard work and perseverance.

Efehi Kelly

“For me matching into my number one program (internal medicine) is more than a dream come true. It instantly validated everything I have worked on over the years. All my sleepless nights studying and preparing for my board exams as well as valuable time away from my family. My advice is for the average student like myself that often struggles with standardized testing. Try to always remain calm, be optimistic, don’t be too hard on yourself, improve your weaknesses and master your strengths. In medical school, I was never the smartest student in my class, but I often tried to be the best version of myself.”

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