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Pediatrics Resident Helps Through Covid-19

Carolyn Fray shares her Covid-19 efforts before starting her residency in July.

Saba grad Carolyn Fray

Recently matched Saba grad Carolyn Fray (Pediatrics/Geisenger Health System) is working as a clinical researcher at Clinical Research Atlanta while she waits for her residency to begin July 1. Clinical Research Atlanta is a leader in vaccine research, and they may start a vaccine study as early as June (going through the protocol now) for a vaccine and/or a treatment for SARS-CoV-2.

As a clinical researcher she has multiple responsibilities including developing infectious disease protocols for their staff as well as hosting Covid-19 presentations with multiple sites as the pandemic progresses.

Says Carolyn “This has been a great opportunity because I love researching infectious disease and am considering specializing in ID as a pediatrician.”

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