SABA Graduate Testimonials

Moises Lutwak

Dermatology Resident at Larkin Hospital

Moises Lutwak photo

Congratulations to Moises Lutwak for matching into his top choice, a Dermatology residency.Moises Lutwak originally dreamed of following in his father’s footsteps as an architect, taking the necessary courses at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Lacking real enthusiasm for the field though he soon turned to the study of medicine and began to hone in on the field of dermatology. “I met a pharmaceutical sales rep who told me in all his visits to doctor’s offices dermatology is the only specialty where it seems all the patients in the waiting room are happy!”

Why Did You Choose Saba?

Learning about Saba from a high school friend who had attended and raved about the school, Moises chose Saba for his med school studies.

“The teachers on the island really want you to succeed and always have an open door policy. I particularly loved my anatomy professor, Dr. Tom, who actually makes anatomy fun to learn. He cares so much about the students and is always smiling. No matter how many times you go to his office he is always so welcoming.”

Quote About Your Match:

Moises matched in his top choice, a Dermatology Residency at Larkin Hospital in South Miami.

“I had done a dermatology rotation there, and the attendings got to know me and my work. It really helped that they were impressed with my knowledge. I am hopeful to follow up this residency with a fellowship in Mohs surgery afterwards.”

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