SABA Graduate Testimonials

Michelle Sliva

Medical Director for Sports Medicine

Michelle Sliva photo

Michelle Sliva has been an athlete her whole life, playing soccer and swimming competitively as an undergraduate at Lewis University, where she earned her B.A. in Athletic Training. Intent on pursuing a career in sports medicine, she went on to Benedictine University for an M.S. in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Medical school came next, and after doing her research she applied and was accepted to Saba saying, “I chose the Caribbean med school that would best help me reach my goal.” 

“Expectations are high at Saba. The faculty are available for you, and group study was a big deal. I found success with working hard, and being self-motivated. While Basic Sciences was tough, it really does prepare you well and I wouldn’t want it any different. The exit exam is excellent preparation for the USMLE Step One, and gives you the confidence to do well on the exam. I got my goal score on the USMLE Step One.”

After her core clinicals, Michelle chose to do  electives that would complement her sports medicine background, including rotations in PM&R, Pain Management, Neurology and Emergency Medicine. While the match process is unnerving for most medical school graduates, Michelle shares, “residency directors know that Saba grads are hard working and sponges for knowledge,.” She matched into her first choice, a Family Medicine Residency at Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System in South Carolina. During her residency she was named Chief Resident in her program, an accolade reserved for those leaders in the residency program, and an honor bestowed upon her by her fellow residents and faculty. 

She went on  to pursue a sports medicine fellowship at WellSpan Health System in York, Pennsylvania and just joined North Oaks Orthopaedic Specialty Center in Louisiana where she will work to get athletes back in action quickly and safely. She will also serve as medical director of both North Oaks Sports Medicine and the Southeastern Louisiana University Athletics Sports Medicine program. Dr. Sliva, a triathlete herself, was injured as a young swimmer and working closely with a sports medicine team was able to get back into the water and compete. It was then that she realized that she wanted to do for other athletes what they had done for her.

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