SABA Graduate Testimonials

Justin White

Chief Resident

Justin White, MD photo

Chosen as one of only four Chief Residents at Medstar Health Internal Medicine program in Baltimore, Justin White oversees 156 residents in the largest community hospital program in the country. A  three-hospital integrated residency program, Justin teaches other residents in addition to managing the scheduling of the 156 residents in the program.

Being named a Chief Resident is the highest honor, and involves a rigorous selection process that includes extensive faculty discussion and input. According to Justin, Saba graduates are very highly regarded at Medstar and the hospital leadership knows how good they are. In fact when Justin was named Chief Resident, his Program Director at Medstar commented “It just wouldn’t be right if one of our Chief Residents wasn’t a Saba grad”. 

Prior to coming to Saba, Justin earned a bachelors degree, and a masters degree in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. When he matriculated at Saba he found his class was more than 50% Canadian. “We all got together every Friday at the school gym and had  floor hockey tournaments. Each semester put forth a team and we all competed with each other”. 

Justin found the time to bond with fellow students while also working hard. “We were so well prepared for the USMLE Step One that I actually found it easy”. In his clinical rotations he was particularly pleased to have a very hands on experience, with alot of responsibility as a student. “I found that I was relied upon alot and learned so much from the Program Director. It wasn’t an intimidating experience, and the patient population loved to see you.”

Justin matched on his first try into Medstar for Internal Medicine. “It has a large underserved patient population. Very diverse, with a large range of disease. Our clinic provides help with drug addiction and chronic pain management. We were actually part of a CDC study, and I have been leading the charge to implement the CDC pain guidelines in our clinic”. 

“To be honest before I went to Saba I had done everything in Eastern Canada. Going to Saba gave me the opportunity to learn from different hospital settings, meet different people, have different experiences, make great friends and importantly get alot of recognition for my work. I would definitely recommend it to other Canadians”.

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