SABA Graduate Testimonials

Gloria Koomson

Internal Medicine

Gloria Koomson, MD photo

Growing up in Ghana in West Africa, Gloria Koomson saw suffering and illness in her family and friends, but no doctors. She wanted to do something to help and a medical degree from Saba University School of Medicine has brought her closer to realizing her dream.

For Gloria, the lack of medical care in her native Ghana struck home with a vengeance when a parasitic disease of the eye left her mother completely blind. She became her mother’s “white cane,” guiding her everywhere. She decided then that she would meet this critical shortage in her country and become a doctor.

But her path to medical school was far from direct. Along the way she worked as a missionary, a restaurant chef and a licensed practical nurse. She emigrated to the U.S., settling in Ohio. She became a wife and mother of four children (two of whom are graduates of Princeton and Williams). She earned a Master’s in Anatomy and became a teacher. But she never lost sight of her goal of becoming a doctor—or of her bigger purpose.

“I always knew if I could get the chance to become a physician, I would go back and reduce the impact of disease and illness in the communities I grew up in.”

Gloria’s commitment brought her to Saba, where she excelled in her basic science courses and her clinicals—which led to many offers of residency.

Today Gloria is back home with her family in Ohio, having earned her first choice of residency at Aultman Hospital in Canton. Not surprisingly, Aultman asked Gloria if she could start a month early so she could be ready to help mentor her fellow residents.

Her goals now are to be the best doctor possible for her patients, to make a difference whenever and wherever she can, and most of all to return to Ghana.

As a graduate of Saba University School of Medicine, now she has that chance.

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