SABA Graduate Testimonials

Prashanthi Baskaran

Internal Medicine Residency

Dr. Prashanthi Baskaran photo

Prashanthi (Prash) was honored with the “Youth in Motion Canada’s Top 20 under 20” for her contributions to medical sciences while a student at the University of Ottawa. This award facilitated her selection into the Governor General’s Mentorship Program in Canada where she was partnered with an Order of Canada Recipient mentor, Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour. Having such an approachable mentor through this program showed her the value of mentorship, and encouraged her to join mentorship initiatives for both junior residents and medical students. 

“I take mentorship very seriously and it has become a theme throughout my life.” Prash first learned of Saba through a family friend who had gone to Saba and matched back into Ottawa. “I had heard Saba was very Canadian friendly and had good success with graduates getting into Canadian residencies.” While coming to the island was a completely new experience and a challenge initially she formed strong friendships that have endured to this day, and the group holds reunions with regularity in Toronto.

“The curriculum in the Basic Sciences is geared towards helping students to do well on the board exams and steps.” She did her core rotations in Baltimore. I was able to do electives back in Canada including Nephrology at McMaster and Infectious Diseases at University of Toronto. The rotations that I did in Canada were my letters of references when I applied for the Canadian match. “I got exactly what I had worked for – an Internal Medicine Residency at University of Toronto. I would strongly recommend Saba. It gives you a great platform to get you where you need to be. It helps you achieve your goal of being an M.D.”

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