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SABA Graduate Testimonials

Devon Dergovich

Kinesiologist in Toronto

Devon Dergovich photo

After graduating from University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, Devon Gergovich worked as a kinesiologist in Toronto to support his career as an aspiring musician. After several years, Devon realised he wanted to pursue a career in medicine.

Devon says: “I had known about Saba for a while. It had a good reputation for producing quality physicians in the area. I find that word of mouth is the best kind of marketing and that’s why I chose Saba. It was the only Caribbean school that I applied to.”

Arriving at Saba, he found it more rugged than he expected, but says “the views were spectacular, the hiking was amazing, and it didn’t take much getting used to 25-degree Celsius weather every day. I found that it was nice to share the same common goals with my fellow students. It was a great experience.”

Devon found the Basic Sciences curriculum demanding, requiring focus and discipline stating: “It was a great life experience for me because it showed me that I could excel with a great amount of pressure and responsibility.” He also found the grueling schedule and consistent testing throughout the semesters very helpful for preparing for the USMLE Step 1 exam.

Although Devon enjoyed core rotations such as Internal Medicine and OBGYN, he really thrived during his Family Medicine elective at Aultman Hospital, Canton, Ohio and his Emergency Medicine elective at Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland. After several electives at McMaster University, and other Canadian institutions, he successfully matched back into Canada at McMaster, which was his first choice, to pursue a two-year Family Medicine residency. He hopes to pursue a Fellowship in Emergency Medicine.

Devon’s advice to fellow Canadians who may not get into a Canadian med school is: “Don’t waste too much time. Saba is a very good option. You won’t regret it.”

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