SABA Graduate Testimonials

Andrew Lingard

Anatomical Pathology

Andrew Lingard, MD photo

Andrew Lingard earned an undergraduate degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology, and a Master’s in Experimental Medicine both at McGill University in Montreal. “I specifically went to medical school because I wanted to do pathology, a non-clinical specialty so I was not your typical medical student. Saba was very supportive of this. During my clinical rotation years I rotated through Queen’s for a month of Pathology and loved the doctors and the city (the hospital is right on Lake Ontario) so that pretty much clinched it”. Andrew went on to match into Anatomical Pathology at Queen’s University in Canada.

“Saba gives you flexibility to rotate wherever you want to go, and take time to go to conferences. The Clinical Deans keep your specialty of interest in mind and suggested rotations accordingly. The RLRA is a great built-in way for students to delve into a topic of interest, which also gives them a chance to publish and have something academic to have on their resume to chat about during residency interviews.”

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