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Saba Makes the Smithsonian

Read more about life on Saba island or our Caribbean medical school in the account from The Smithsonian.

If you are considering medical school in the Caribbean—or just a fabulous trip—check out the gorgeous account of Saba in (@SmithsonianMag)

Calling it The Best Caribbean Island You’ve Never Heard Of, this mouth-watering article extols Saba’s natural beauty, from the lush, 5,000-foot high rain forest to the waters around the island with their remarkable formations, the legacy of Saba’s volcanic origins.

The absence of a large-scale beach culture keeps the aquatic environment pristine (and jealously protected by local conservation groups), home to shallow patch reefs, deep-water seamounts, and plenty of underwater action—Hawksbill turtles, dolphins, lobsters, stingrays and scores of bright tropical fish. All of which makes Saba one of the top destinations in the world for scuba divers.

If the natural beauty of the island is breathtaking, its man-made diversions are no less enticing. Saba is part of the Netherlands, and that lineage is reflected in the local architecture of white-washed exteriors, red zinc roofs and green shutters, outlined in decorative Caribbean gingerbread trim.

The article gives a shout out to Saba University School of Medicine, noting its beneficial impact on local healthcare and the economy. But the main focus is on how spectacular it is to spend time on Saba.

Smithsonian calls it “the low-key, more sustainable version of the Caribbean—a place where polluting superyachts and mass resorts that harm the environment will hopefully never moor.”

Just don’t tell anyone.

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