Saba features in July episode of ICEF Podcast

Learn more about the topics discussed during the collaborative podcast between GUS Medical Schools and ICEF.

In July, Saba University School of Medicine, Medical University of the Americas and St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine, were invited to join the latest episode of the ICEF Podcast, hosted by Martijn van de Veen, VP Business Development at ICEF, and Craig Riggs, Editor-in-Chief at ICEF Monitor.

The ICEF Podcast aims to keep student recruitment professionals informed on the latest industry trends and developments and features industry professionals from around the world who are invited discuss the current issues affecting the global student mobility and study abroad market.

The July episode, titled ‘Student Advising and Planning for Medical Studies Abroad’, discussed a range of topics surrounding international students in medical education. This included the viable pathways to pursue a medical education and practise in the U.S., skills and requirements for international medical students and the global shortage of medical professionals.

The representatives of the universities explained that the demand for quality medical education and training remains high despite the pandemic and discussed in detail the impact of the pandemic on medical students which restricted opportunities for hands-on training.

The episode explored how international students could be the answer to the global shortage of healthcare professionals and acknowledged how difficult it is to find the right student for this vocation.

The episode also touched on topics including using TikTok for international student recruitment and a spotlight on Ghana in the international student market. You can listen to the full episode here.

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