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Shalabh “Mickey” Bansal, MD, MBA, FAAP


Shalabh “Mickey” Bansal, MD, MBA, FAAP photo

He worked in corporate America and then in one of the world’s top pediatric cardiology programs and now—armed with a medical degree from Saba University School of Medicine—he’s bringing them together.

Growing up in Ohio, Shalabh “Mickey” Bansal spent his summers traveling the world, attending private high schools in India and the US and nurturing a lifelong dream of becoming a doctor.

As a President’s Scholar at the Georgia Institute of Technology he stayed on the medical track, majoring in Biology and heading up the local chapter of the American Medical Student Association. But in the hothouse high tech environment on the Georgia Tech campus, he found himself pulled into the world of technology ventures and upon graduation went on to become a management consultant and earn an MBA.

But before long, he again felt the tug of the medical world and headed down to Saba.

Mickey was an outstanding student at Saba: on the Dean’s List every semester and the recipient of numerous awards including the Dean of Basic Sciences award, the Dean of Clinical Medicine Award, the Lt. Governor of Saba Community Service Award, and the student government’s Student Excellence Award.

“I found Saba really trained me well. The school provided an ‘out of the box’ experience that is very relevant to the work of a doctor. I had a really amazing clinical experience and I feel we were much better prepared than most medical school students.”

Mickey matched into his top choice for residency and spent three years at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital completing his pediatric residency and then went on to a Cardiology fellowship at Emory University – Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, one of the top pediatric cardiology programs in the world. He was immediately sought after by many local hospital systems, and actually ended up merging his operations and process improvement managerial knowledge with pediatrics and is now the Medical Director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at two Hospital Corporation of America facilities in Georgia.

Mickey has always had a passion for medical education and received numerous awards for his teaching both in medical school and residency. Today he is the driving force behind USMLE Tutor (, a personal coaching service for medical students. 

He has been on numerous media outlets including CNN and is highly sought after for his pediatric expertise.

“I believe medicine now wants the nontraditional student,” says Mickey. “We are going back to the ‘humanity’ aspect of medicine. Saba prepares you well for this.”

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