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SABA Graduate Testimonials

Reza Ronaghi

Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship

Reza Ronaghi, MD photo

Dr. Reza Ronaghi has been winning accolades and honors for many years, graduating high school as the class valedictorian while earning two MVP awards as his team’s hockey team captain. In college at UC Berkeley, he was honored for his research work and graduated with a degree in Chemical Biology. At Saba, he made Dean’s list and excelled on his Step exams. Following graduation from medical school, he was named “Chief Resident” in his Internal Medicine residency at UCSF, and “Chief Fellow” in his Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship at USC. 

Heavily involved currently in lung cancer research, Reza created an online calculator to help different infectious from malignant lung nodule. His research area of interest is lung cancer, and he have been doing a lot with genetic mutations in metastatic lung cancer,  looking to see which micro-biomes allow certain cancers to metastasize. 

With all these notable achievements, accolades and nominations Reza has also consistently found time to serve and help others. In his Internal Medicine residency, he completed a fourth year serving to teach medical students and residents. Currently at UCLA in an Interventional Pulmonary Fellowship, he is on the teaching faculty and helps to teach the fellows, residents and medical students on the team. He has collaborated with the Special Olympics to offer medical exams at their events, done food drives for the homeless at holiday time, traveled to Tanzania to work in infectious disease and develop a teaching curriculum, and given generously of his time to speak with those interested in the field of medicine.

Says Reza in an email, “Please let me know if I can do anything else. As always I am happy to mentor students, talk with students or attend any live sessions to speak with students about my positive experience at Saba”.

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