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SABA Graduate Testimonials

Keil Elliott

Family Medicine

Keil Elliott, MD photo

Dr. Keil Elliott, (Niagara campus) thoroughly enjoys his work, saying, “I’m in the position now where I’d previously only hoped to be, and I have to say it’s a good feeling”. A Canadian who did his undergraduate work at Brock University, Keil “looked at the USMLE stats, match rate, cost and class size and chose Saba. I felt well supported, as there was a large percentage of Canadians in my class; I was in good company”.

Keil excelled academically at Saba, yet managed to keep up with the volunteerism that he had started in his undergrad years. He served as a TA for Anatomy, Physiology, Neurology, Immunology and Microbiology and was named to the Alpha Omega Phi Honor and Service Society at the school.

He made the Saba University School of Medicine Honor’s List and played intramural sports on the island. With characteristic modesty, Keil offers “I did quite well on the USMLE Step 1 because of how the core curriculum is set up at Saba. It prepared me well.” As he moved into his core rotations in the States, Keil at first had his sights set on Surgery and shared that with his Saba Clinical team. “I found that when I told them upfront of my interest in Surgery, they helped organize my rotations to put me in the best position to achieve what I wanted”.  As he got deeper into the surgical experience, although he enjoyed the multitude of pathology, Keil realized that he was really more interested in the “theory” behind the medicine and the interaction with patients. Says Keil, “the puzzles are where I found the most joy” which in turn led him to the field of Family Medicine. 

Regarding his strategy to prepare himself for a residency in Family Medicine, Keil states, “I spoke to a lot of students ahead of me for advice, as well as my Clinical Director. I tried to do as many different electives as possible to get the best overall experience.”

When it came to obtaining a residency position, Keil knew he wanted Ontario and successfully matched into his top choice, a residency in Family Medicine at the Niagara campus of McMaster University. When asked what he attributes this match to, he cites a combination of factors, namely his success on the Canadian exams and an interview in which the cultural fit was evident. In addition, he shares another thought: “I think going to a Caribbean medical school also shows a lot of persistence and determination. It’s a testament to your desire to want to be a doctor”

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