SABA Graduate Testimonials

Kanika Aggarwal

Internal Medicine Resident at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Congratulations to Kanika Aggarwal for matching into her first choice, an Internal Medicine residency at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.A biochemistry major in her undergraduate years at McMaster University in Hamilton, Kanika says she “took the longer route to med school” and opted after graduation to become a pharmacist. Halfway through the program she realized “that I wanted to have an expanded scope of practice, and the authority to diagnose and prescribe”, and began exploring options for medical school.

Why Did You Choose Saba? “Saba was the only Caribbean medical school that I applied to because the school has a great reputation in Canada.” “I enjoyed the island and the Pathology, Pharmacology and Anatomy professors all presented the information in such a palatable way. My Infectious Disease professor was amazing and made the topic so interesting that I still am fascinated with this area of medicine.”

Career Goal: She plans to be a Hospitalist after she completes her 3-year internal medicine residency, and offers this thought for those looking at the school – “Saba graduates are in a lot of residency programs throughout the U.S. and with these amazing connections you will find the path towards residency has already been paved for you.”

Quote About Your Match: “I wanted to be in a big city for the amenities so I chose Pittsburgh. During the residency interview process I found it was all about the school you come from. Saba is known and has a good reputation, and I believe that is why I was so successful in my match. I actually had several amazing opportunities to choose from.”

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