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SABA Graduate Testimonials

Jheanell McFarlane

Saba Student, Class of 2025

Jheanell McFarlane photo

Jheanell McFarlane is currently a Saba student, intending to graduate in 2025. She studied her undergrad at Brock University in Ontario, Canada.

Why Did You Choose Saba?

I chose Saba because they are one of the best ranked schools in the Caribbean. They are fully accredited in all 50 states plus Canada, allowing me to fulfil my dreams of being a physician without any hindrance on locations in which I can or cannot practice. I knew a previous student that attended Saba and told me nothing but great things and is now on his way to becoming a successful physician.

Career Goal:

I would like to open a health clinic in Jamaica, where I was born, to help those living in areas that do not have access to basic health resources. My uncle passed away from a treatable infection, and that really opened my eyes to the amount of people that do not have access to affordable healthcare and those lacking proper health education.

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