SABA Graduate Testimonials

Jacob Tompkins

Saba Student, Class of 2025

Jacob Tompkins photo

Jacob Tompkins is currently a Saba student, intending to graduate in 2025. Jacob is from Peterborough in Ontario, Canada and studied his undergrad at University of Ottawa.

Why Did You Choose Saba?

There are many things that influenced my decision to attend Saba, including the small class sizes, high first time USMLE pass rate and a well-established record of successful placements for residency. After being accepted, it was reassuring meeting people, even within my hometown, who have connections to Saba. I was most excited to learn that my own family physician is a graduate of Saba which further strengthened my confidence that Saba can provide the foundation to turn my dream of becoming a doctor into a reality.

Career Goal:

My main goal is to support families in receiving the very best medical care possible. As a result, I would like to pursue family medicine as a career goal particularly with the growing need in this area.

For prospective students

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