SABA Graduate Testimonials

Anup Ojha

Pyschiatry Resident at Trinitas Regional Medical Center/Rutgers NJMS

Dr. Anup Ojha photo

Says Saba graduate, and Psychiatry Resident Dr. Anup Ojha, “I feel very grateful to Saba for giving me the opportunity to get into medicine. They made the admissions process simple, and they are willing to give people a chance. Were it not for Saba I probably wouldn’t have gotten into medicine”.

Anup did his undergraduate work at the University of Connecticut, and not sure whether he would eventually go into medicine or business he majored in Biology and Economics to prepare for either eventuality. Opting for a career in medicine, he applied only to Saba after hearing glowing words from his former college roommate (and current Saba student at the time). 

The words he had heard about Saba bore true when he matriculated. “I loved the island of Saba and the fact that there weren’t alot of distractions. The beauty of the Caribbean, and the island itself amazed me every day. The people on the island were super nice; I lived 3 minutes from campus and occasionally our landlord would even cook for us”.

Owing his success on the USMLE Step One in part to the support and guidance of his professors, he felt well prepared for his clinical rotations and was very grateful that the Saba Clinical Director worked so closely with him on his rotation schedule. “I originally asked to be close to home and that request was accommodated. When I then changed my mind and asked to have a breadth of experience outside the tri-state area he reconfigured my rotations to accommodate my new request. I am so happy that he did that for me”.

Anup matched  into his top choice for residency, and is currently a first year Psychiatry Resident at Trinitas Regional Medical Center/Rutgers NJMS. “Saba gave me that one sign of hope and it enabled me to live my dream”.

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