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SABA Graduate Testimonials

Afrina Mujib

Hospitalist at Lancaster General Hospital in Pennsylvania

Dr. Afrina Mujib photo

Why Dr. Afrina Muhi chose the area of hospitalist

A hospitalist is a licensed physician who practices in a hospital and treats an array of conditions. These doctors work to treat patients staying in the hospital due to a variety of illnesses and injuries. The term “hospitalist” is actually relatively new, first coined in 1996. A hospitalist is a clinician whose primary professional focus is the general medical care of hospitalized patients; they engage in clinical care, teaching, research and enhancing the performance of hospitals and healthcare system.

Saba graduate Dr. Afrina Mujib chose this area of medicine to practice after her Internal Medicine residency. “I found myself liking a lot of different areas of medicine after I completed my residency, and couldn’t really choose one over another. For that reason I decided on becoming a hospitalist, and I really love it. We are the medical doctors who are in the hospital all of the time, doing rounds and taking care of patients with all different illnesses. We keep our notes and electronically share them with the patients primary care physician for follow-up after they are released.”

Afrina came to Saba after graduation from SUNY Binghamton with a degree in Biochemistry, and loved her time on the island. “I had a great experience. I loved the adventure of the island, and the fact that it isn’t a tourist spot so you had no distractions while studying. All the students became very close, and I even found everyone on the island extremely supportive as well.” A go getter and highly motivated (“I didn’t take time for any breaks”), she matched into her first choice, a three year Internal Medicine residency at Mount Carmel Health System in Columbus, Ohio. During her residency, she served as the Committee Chair for “Quality Control and standard of care practices.”

Currently practicing as a Hospitalist at Lancaster General Hospital in Pennsylvania, she is part of a team that covers over 260 patients every day facing a variety of conditions, including Covid-19. “Patients are getting reinfected which is concerning.”

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