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Why Study Medicine on Saba Island in the Caribbean?

Study on the Caribbean’s most captivating island, Saba. It is the ultimate place to pursue your medical studies.

Saba is considered to be the Caribbean’s most captivating island as it’s a beauty hotspot. It is home to a great academic institution, Saba University School of Medicine. As a student here, you’ll experience a fantastic quality of life with the natural landscapes rejuvenating your mind and body after a hard day. If it’s peace and quiet you need, you’ll also get that!

In this blog we will take you through some of the aspects of being a student here, as well as what makes Saba the ultimate place to pursue your medical studies.

The Location

The island of Saba is part of the Kingdom of The Netherlands and the local airport is called Juancho E. Yrausquin – which boasts the world’s shortest commercial runway at 1,300 feet.

You can also reach Saba via ferry ꟷ The Dawn II ferry can be used every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and The Edge ferry travels on the remaining days of the week. The harbor is known as ‘The Bottom’ and Saba is just meters away.

This Caribbean island is also close to St. Maarten, which connects major airlines from Europe, North America and South America to Saba via the ‘Windward Islands Airways’, also called ‘Winair’. Flights are available daily and allow you to reach the island in just 15 minutes.

Life on Saba Island

The cost of living is affordable. With an average tax rate, great health benefits and privacy and comfort guaranteed, this is an ideal place to study medicine and is perfect for people of all ages.

Activities on Saba Island

  • Snorkeling – Diving and snorkeling are some of the many amazing activities that this Caribbean island has to offer. While at Saba, you can explore the great marine life by submerging yourself into the sea or from the surface. The best way to explore the beautiful reefs is while crossing the sea on a boat with a diving crew.
  • Hiking – Wander around the exotic villages or stroll along the rocky shoreline and take in the beautiful biodiversity. If there’s anything in particular you hope to see, you can also arrange a customized hike.
  • Arts and crafts – While studying and living on this island, don’t be surprised if you cross paths with local artistic talent. From glass etchings to mosaic carvings, the indigenous cultures of Saba’s roots will leave you mesmerized.
  • Shopping – Saba Island has great shopping to offer with unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else in the world. You can also expect to find sporting and hiking equipment in many of the specialist shops!
  • Fine dining – There are plenty of restaurants to choose from for every occasion – from casual to classy.
  • As well as eating out, the locals love home cooking, so be sure to book yourself some cooking classes to get the taste of Caribbean cuisine.

Why Study Medicine Here?

There are several places around the world that can change the way you look at life, and Saba is one of them. The beautiful forestry , turquoise waters and hiking trails are more than enough to make you pursue a life-changing decision and get your medical qualification here.

This little island with its expansive rainforest ecosystem and a handful of citizens is easy to relocate to Don’t delay, browse the academic programs offered in medicine and study in this distraction-free oasis. A Caribbean medical school is a unique place and at Saba, you’ll learn from world-renowned professors. Join Saba University School of Medicine and become part of an international community, dedicated to providing you with a world-class degree in medicine.

For prospective students

Saba is committed to supporting prospective students with any questions or queries throughout the application process. Please see the following links for detailed information about each topic:

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