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How to Improve Your Application When Re-applying to Medical School

Re-applying to medical school? Read on to learn how to improve your application from technical and interpersonal skills to medical experience.

It is currently extremely competitive to get into medical school because the number of available seats is far exceeded by the number of applicants.

As per data released by the American Medical College Application Service, only 40% of medical school applicants are accepted into a U.S. medical school every year. However, this low medical school acceptance rate doesn’t mean that the other applicants aren’t worthy of acquiring a medical education.

While the process of applying to medical school remains the same, the thought of reapplying might be worrying you. The trick is not getting discouraged. Instead, you should spend some time looking at some aspects of your application that might have let you down.

This blog can help you improve your medical school application to increase your odds of getting accepted the second time round.

Ask help from the admissions team

Many medical school admissions teams may be reluctant to review your application or grant an interview at first. We recommend you keep contacting various medical school admission departments  until you find a school that’s ready to help you out.

The admissions team are the best people to work with  you on your application’s strengths and imperfections. They can tell you what’s missing from your application and how you can improve your profile. They can also give you other information like the medical school requirements or how many times can you apply to medical school.

Be sure to let the admissions team know that you are thankful for their help. Speak politely and thank them for their time, even if your request is turned down.

Explore more medical schools for admissions

Sometimes, the trick to get selected by a reputable  medical school is to cast your net wider and look for schools outside the places that are familiar to you.

If you haven’t been accepted into any medical school in your county or state the first time, you can search for good schools in other states as well. You may also want to  explore the Caribbean as a prospective study destination as it has some reputable medical schools with less stringent entry criteria.

Looking for a reputable Caribbean medical school that may offer you the opportunity to study medicine as a medical school reapplicant? Saba University School of Medicine, located on the Caribbean island of Saba is an ideal choice.

There are many reasons to apply for the MD program at Saba , such as the small class sizes which promote closer relationships with the faculty. The faculty at Saba is also highly qualified, with either an MD degree or a doctorate degree in the subject that they teach.

The quality of education at Saba is unparalleled.  In recent years, 99% of Saba students have passed the USMLE Step 1 exam on their first attempt. In addition, Saba graduates have secured residencies on a par with U.S. medical schools while outpacing graduates of other Caribbean medical schools.

Learn more about how to apply for the MD program at Saba University School of Medicine.

It is an obvious fact that the more schools you apply to, the greater your chances of getting into medical school. You should have at least 2-3 safety schools as back-up options in addition to your preferred medical colleges.

Make sure your application has sufficient medical experience

Medical schools like to take students with a wide range of technical and interpersonal skills like patience and good communication skills. That’s why they look for profiles that have a balance of different experiences like volunteering, research or hobbies.

It is important to remember that not all experiences hold the same weight and the type of experience should be taken into account. Say, for example, you have mentioned 15 hours of medical shadowing and 200 hours of music classes in a year. This sends a signal that your music is more important to you than getting relevant medical experience.

Ensure you show a balanced mix of experiences in your profile in your reapplication to medical school.

Be honest in your application

Medical school application essays require you to address some challenging questions or scenarios that reflect your thought process and personality. Therefore, you should be as honest as possible when writing your essay or application.

Spinning stories or including half-truths to impress the selection team can actually work as a disadvantage. Most medical schools have highly experienced selection teams who can see through inaccurate applications. Dishonesty in your profile can disqualify you, even if you have a high MCAT score.

If your application isn’t picked in the first admission cycle, it can be tempting to apply immediately to other schools. However, you should take the time to identify the missing links in your application and work on them. This can significantly improve your chances of getting picked when you reapply for college admission.

For prospective students

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