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Becoming a Saba Doctor

Becoming a Saba Doctor

Learn how to become a doctor with Saba as every applicant undergoes a close evaluation by the Admissions Committee.

To become a Saba doctor, you must first gain admission. It’s easy to get started with our online application at

Every applicant to Saba University School of Medicine undergoes a close evaluation by the Admissions Committee. We look at your academic performance, MCAT scores and patient care experience and, if appropriate, conduct an interview with you.

Saba accepts a relatively small number of students. Approximately 90 students are admitted to each class. This makes Saba one of the most selective of all the medical schools that are located in the Caribbean, but we believe this selectivity and commitment to small class sizes is essential to our success—particularly our outstanding first-time pass rates on the USMLE and the very high residency placement rate of our graduates.

While Saba is selective, because we operate on a year-round schedule—you can start your medical education at Saba in January, May and September—we accept applications at any time throughout the year.

Historically, the September semester is the most heavily in demand. In situations where a student is accepted, but the class is over-subscribed, we provide the option to defer to the next incoming class.

All prospective students are encouraged to submit their application and all required documents six to eight months prior to your desired start date, and certainly no later than three months prior. Decisions regarding admissions are normally made within one week post interview.

Students who have applied previously to Saba may reapply. Application materials are maintained on file for one year, and students may reapply within that year at no additional charge. Beyond that time, students must submit a new application.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact admissions at or by calling (978) 862-9600.

For prospective students

Saba is committed to supporting prospective students with any questions or queries throughout the application process. Please see the following links for detailed information about each topic:

If the information you are seeking is not provided here, please get in contact by contacting via WhatsApp here.

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