Discover the Saba Advantage with Our Scholar's Grant

At Saba University School of Medicine, student success is what matters most. With a commitment to supporting your continued success, we are proud to announce the Saba Advantage, offering you a new opportunity: the Saba Scholars Grant.

Saba Scholars Grant

In recognition of your academic achievements, the school is offering the new Saba Scholars Grant which can be awarded in addition to academic merit scholarships, or other awards or grants, for new students, assisting in covering up to the full tuition for the first semester. See Saba Scholars Grant FAQs below for more information.

Saba Scholars Grant

Who is Eligible?

The Saba Scholars Grant is awarded to new students in recognition of their past academic achievement. This grant may be awarded in addition to any other academic merit scholarships, grants or awards that a student may receive.

How to Apply?

Fill out the inquiry form for more information. Or if you are ready to apply for admission to Saba University School of Medicine, you will receive instructions about how to apply for the grant after your acceptance.

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Who is eligible

At Saba, the most important measure of our success as a school is the success of our graduates - and by that measure, we’ve been very successful.

Throughout our 30 years preparing students for the medical field, we have learned how our formula for success works. Intentionally small class sizes, research built into the curriculum, excellent faculty and tremendous student support systems have led to consistently high match rates and USMLE Step 1 pass rates.



Sustained Residency Attainment Rate

(avg. 2021-2023)1


Student to Faculty Ratio

For enhanced personalized attention


Years of Clinical Experience



1st Time Pass Rate for USMLE Step 1 & 2

(avg. 2018-2022)2

Saba is vested in your success and our track records show

“I chose Saba because I looked at the curriculum, the qualification of the teachers, the teaching facilities and I had no doubt that this was the best place for me to study to be able to pursue my dream.”

Dr. Gloria Koomson

"Saba had the highest percentage of Canadian students, getting Canadian residencies."

Emilie Boucher

Graduate. Residency, University of Toronto

“Having the chance to have actual hands on experience with a real human body is so different than reading about it in a book. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that not all med students get to have.”

Christopher McClean

Class President of the Honor Society