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Book a call with one of our program advisors to learn more about our MD program, clinicals, residencies, funding and any other questions you have about life as a Saba student.

How to book a video call consultation


Pick your video call slot with a program advisor by completing the booking form.


Once you book your slot, one of our program advisors will be in touch to confirm.


During your video call consultation, an advisor will be happy to answer your questions and talk to you about what Saba has to offer.

Meet our advisor

Bianca Lee

Program Advisor

Bianca Lee

Bianca joined Saba University School of Medicine in 2021 with a diverse background in the education industry. She has years of experience advising students to achieve their academic goals while working alongside post-secondary institutions, affiliations, and educational partnerships. She is committed to contributing towards students’ success, providing guidance and support throughout your academic journey. Bianca is very excited to help you navigate through the process of becoming a doctor with Saba.

Anas Alhendy

Healthcare Advisor

Anas Alhendy

Anas is a Healthcare Advisor with a strong background in Medicine and Nutrition. He practiced Integrative Medicine in Canada for over 10 years in a clinical setting and worked with different Canadian universities and colleges as an Education Consultant for over 6 years. He understands the needs of students who want to become successful doctors in the future and is always looking forward to helping students in their medical journeys by sharing his own personal experience in the medical field.

SABA University

Key U.S. Approvals

Saba is approved by the key states of New York, California, and Florida. This means that Saba graduates are eligible to practice in all 50 U.S. states and the Canadian provinces.