This is a Kitchen Sink for Blocks

Canadian Applications

1. Hero Block

You can alter the image and add other blocks like paragraph, listings, etc...

2. Stats Block – Variations in terms of colours

You can play with the colours and if you hover on the card (desktop), an excerpt will be revealed. Further click on the CTA, you’ll be redirected to another page.
You can use Grids to further create your own layouts.

Want to brag about some numbers?
Click here
That's another stats block
Click here for more
Testing colour schemes
Click here
Testing colour schemes
Click here
Testing colour schemes
You get to see this!

3. Accordion Block

Accordion Block Title

This is a description for the Accordion Block. There are no variations.

4. Card Block – Variations available

Card Block

A lot of different variations are possible here.
You can play around with the CTA, Excerpt, Media, Layout, background colour, etc..

You can insert blocks here as well. Give it a try.

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5. Overlapping Card – Variations available

Overlapping Card

Allows you to add a secondary image on top of the main image.
Similar to the Card Block, you can alter the CTA, Excerpt, Media, Layout, background colour, etc..

You can add more button too

Need a list? You can add one below:

  • List Item 1
  • List Item 2
  • List Item 3

6. Content Group Block - Variations available

Want to showcase some group contents? Use the content group block!
There are many variations available. The no. of posts or the no. of posts per column can be adjusted. Content can be curated or automatically pulled based on content types such as news, events, blogs, etc...

This CTA label is for all the group cards
This CTA label is for all the group cards

7. Testimonial Block

  • This is a testimonial block!
    Author Name hereThere are no variations for this block. In the settings, you can play with the image focal point to wherever you want to emphasize on the image.Custom button link

8. Featured content block

This featured content block is essentially a slider that will showcase content based on categories. Layout variations are not possible but you can alter the settings to only display certain information/data.

9. Pullquote block

9. This is a Pullquote Block
to End this Kitchen Sink

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