Maha Noor photo

Maha Noor

Obstetrics and Gynecology at Aultman Hospital/NEOMED

Toronto, ON

Undergraduate School:
University of Toronto

Why Did You Choose Saba?
Given the limitations of pursuing medicine in Canada, I decided to look into Caribbean schools during my final year in Undergrad. I found Saba to be the most affordable and was impressed by the USMLE pass rates and residency placements. Prior to making the decision to start my medical education at Saba, I had positive interactions with alumni through email and at the open house in Toronto which reassured me about post-graduation outcomes.

Career Goal:
Practice as an Ob/Gyn while being an advocate for women’s health and addressing disparities that exist in access to health care for women.

Quote About Your Match:
Two principles that I employed throughout my clinical rotations were being teachable and always finding ways to make myself useful in the clinical setting. Along with these, I appreciated having a strong basic sciences background; all of which helped me stand out during rotations.

I learned to step out of my comfort zone, take initiative and ask for the opportunities that I wanted. To my pleasant surprise, residents and attendings were always receptive to this and appreciated students who showed a specific interest in learning.