Kyle T. Stoneking photo

Kyle T. Stoneking

Neurology Resident at University of Missouri - Kansas City

Congratulations to Kyle Stoneking for matching into his first choice residency.

Why Did You Choose Saba?

"I made the decision to pursue my medical degree at Saba University School of Medicine because I liked that the school was on a small Caribbean island. I felt that this remote location would allow me to be fully immersed in my studies and free me from the many distractions that would have come with attending a medical school in the United States."

Career Goal:
"After residency, I plan to apply for a fellowship in Vascular Neurology. I would like to eventually work at an academic institution to allow me to stay on the cutting edge of my field."

Quote About Your Match:
"I am beyond excited to have matched at such a wonderful institution, and I cannot wait to start this next step of my medical journey. I feel that my time at Saba University School of Medicine has more than adequately prepared me to not just succeed, but to truly excel in residency."