Match Day 2022 is Here! 

Match Day is a memorable occasion for all medical students, and the time has come for aspiring doctors to find out where they will be training for the next few years for their residency. Through the 10 semesters at Saba, students have been waiting for March 18 to celebrate Match Day! 

What is Match Day?

Match Day is a much-anticipated time for any future doctor. Students start the week by finding out if they have been placed into a residency program and end the week on Match Day, finding out where they will be doing their residency or fellowship training. 

Congratulations from Executive Dean, Dr. Clifton

    I'm wishing you all the best on this next big step in your career. Residency is an exciting time, but it's often stressful as well. Just remember you've done the work, you received great training. At this point it's all about your patients. Always strive to give excellent care; the care you'd want someone to give to your loved ones and things will work out. Congratulations on matching to your residency and continued success in the future.