Roger J. Young

Roger J. Young


Professor, Course Director/Examiner, Genetics, Foundations of Clinical Medicine


Courses: Genetics, Biochemistry

Roger J. Young PhD has been teaching at the university level for over three decades. Throughout this time he has also held numerous leadership positions, most recently as the Associate Dean of Basic Sciences at Saba University School of Medicine.

Dr. Young’s research interests include pedagogical developments to advance the teaching and learning of science in students at all stages of their education. He also has a High School teaching certification and has classroom experience with middle and high school students in a variety of educational settings, including spending a sabbatical teaching with various First Peoples communities in the United States.  

Dr. Young has contributed to a large number of professional meetings over the years, the majority of which addressed advances in pedagogy in the scientific educational arena.  

Dr. Young is actively involved in the community doing volunteer charity work and giving his time to providguidance to various local organizations. He is currently a member of the Saba Business Association, and on the Supervisory Board of the Saba Health Care Foundation which oversees the functioning of the Hospital and Age Home on the island of Saba.  

Dr. Young endeavors to continue to contribute to the education of our next generation of students, by improving teaching methodologies and developing appropriate curricula using knowledge from his wide range of teaching & administrative experiences. 

  • Genetics
  • Molecular Biology
  • Curriculum Development
  • Active learning
  • Administration

  • Ph.D. Molecular Biology, Texas A&M, College Station, TX. 1994 
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons.), Applied Biology Hatfield Polytechnic, Hatfield, UK. 1984 
  • Faculty Award for Excellence (Educational impact on freshmen students), Drury University. 2006 
  • Praxis II – Excellence Award (upper 15%), High School Biology Teacher Certification Exam. 2005 
  • Faculty Member of the Year, Drury University. 2002 
  • Faculty Leadership Award, Drury University. 2002 

  • Getting Beyond, “Is This Going to Be on the Test?” Drury University’s Answer to the Relevance of Science Education[Text Wrapping Break]Roger J. Young. SENCER E-Newsletter. 2004 
  • Impact of the Human Genome Project on General Practice Medicine.[Text Wrapping Break]Roger J. Young. Greene County Medical Society Journal. 2003 
  • Proteinase Inhibitors in Tomato Roots and Reproductive Structures.[Text Wrapping Break] Gyung-Hee Lee, Brian H. Taylor, Roger J. Young and Kathryn A. VandenBosch. Texas A&M. 1997 
  • A dispersed family of repetitive DNA sequences exhibits characteristics of a transposable element in the genus Lycopersicon.[Text Wrapping Break] Young RJ, Francis DM, St.Clair DA and Taylor BH. Genetics 137: 581-588 
  • An Auxin-indicible Proteinase Inhibitor gene from Tomato. [Text Wrapping Break] Taylor BH, Young RJ, and Scheuring CF. Plant Physiology: 104:811-812. 1994 
  • Genes Regulated by Auxin in Tomato Seedling Roots. Poster.[Text Wrapping Break]International Congress of Plant Molecular Biology, Amsterdam. 1994 
  • Induction of a Proteinase-Inhibitor II-class gene by Auxin in Tomato Roots.[Text Wrapping Break]Taylor BH, Young RJ, and Scheuring CF. Plant Molecular Biology 23: 1005-1014. 1993 
  • Genes Regulated by Auxin in Tomato Seedling Roots. Poster.[Text Wrapping Break]Molecular Biology of Tomato Conference: Fundamental Advances and Crop Improvement. University of Davis, CA. 1992 
  • Activity of Ac Transposon in Transgenic Arabidopsis. [Text Wrapping Break]Lost Pines Molecular Biology Conference, Smithville, TX. 1990 

  • Molecular Biology
  • Gene regulation
  • Curriculum development
  • Pedagogy

  • Asian Medical Education Conference, 2017, Hong Kong 
  • Project Kaleidoscope Summer Leadership Institute: Invited Facilitator & Mentor. 2014, Philadelphia, PA 
  • American Association of Forensic Scientists Annual Meeting, 2014, Seattle WA 
  • Bureau of Indian Education Summer Learning Institute, 2012, Denver, CO 
  • American Association of Colleges & Universities & Project Kaleidoscope: Workshop Presenter, 2012, Kansas City, MO 
  • Epigenetics in Development & Disease: Nature Winter Symposium, 2011, Miami, FL 
  • American Association of Colleges & Universities: Engaging Science, Advancing Learning, 2009, Providence, RI 
  • Project Kaleidoscope Summer Leadership Institute (Invited Participant), 2008, Crestone, CO 
  • American Association of Colleges & Universities: Shared Futures (Invited Facilitator), 2007, Sonoma, CA 
  • The Grant Institute: Workshop on Communication Improvement, 2007, St. Louis, MO 
  • American Association of Colleges & Universities: Shared Futures (Invited Team), 2007, Miami, FL 
  • Stem Cell Research Constitutional Amendment Debate (Invited Speaker), 2006, Council of Churches, Springfield, MO 
  • ‘Glacier Ecology’ Chautauqua, 2006, Anchorage, AK 
  • Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Seminar (Invited Speaker), 2006, Greene County Medical Society, Springfield, MO 
  • 'Einstein & the Theory of Relevance: The Evolving Nature of Science Education' (Invited Speaker), 2005, Dartmouth College, NH 
  • Mid-South Computational Biology & Bioinformatics Society Annual Meeting, 2003 & 2004, Little Rock, AR 
  • 'The Molecular Biology of Disease' Chautauqua, 2004, Orlando, FL 
  • SENCER Curriculum Development Workshop, 2003 & 2004, San Jose, CA 
  • Convocation: 'The Impact of the Human Genome Project on Future Medicine' (Invited Speaker), 2003, Drury University, Springfield, MO 
  • Association of Integrative Studies (Invited Speaker), 2002, Drury University, Springfield, MO 
  • Project Kaleidoscope National Assembly, 1998 (Invited Speaker), 2000, 2001 & 2006, Chicago IL, Madison, WI & Tuscon, AZ 
  • Project Kaleidoscope Workshop: 'Biochemistry Connections', 2000, Keystone, CO 
  • 'Botanical Medicine' Chautauqua, 2000, Taos, NM
  • ‘Introduction to Immunology’ Chautauqua, 1998, MIT, Boston, MA 
  • Biomedical Sciences Seminar (Invited Speaker), 1997, 'Phytohormone Regulation of Gene Expression in Tomato'. South Missouri State University  
  • Council on Undergraduate Research (Student Research Presentation), 1997,  'The Effects of Tobacco on Drosophila', Washington, DC  
  • 'Teaching the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of the Human Genome Project', 1997, Dartmouth College, NH 
  • 'DNA Analysis in the Classroom' Cold Spring Harbor conference, 1997 Washington University, St. Louis, MO 
  • Case Study Teaching Workshop, 1995, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 
  • Wakonse Conference on College Teaching, 1994, Shelby, MI 
  • Teacher Enhancement Workshops for Biology Laboratory Instructors, (Invited Speaker) 1989, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 


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