Rogelio T. Sarmiento Jr.

Rogelio T. Sarmiento Jr.


Professor of Clinical Skills I to V and (CS) and System & Diseases II to IV


Rogelio T. Sarmiento Jr. is an experienced educator and clinician. Starting in 2013, he has been a faculty member in the Clinical Skills Department. He has been Course Director of multiple clinical skills courses.

In 2016, he was promoted to Chair of the Department, where he is responsible for the implementing the clinical skills curriculum, providing support to the course directors, and the budget process.  Dr. Sarmiento also takes pride on how he guides and aids students through their school tasks and challenges. As a physician, he practiced General Surgery for over 9 years and served as a Medico-legal Officer.

Dr. Sarmiento’s research interests are about advancements in medical education, surgical and medical treatment and management advancements and, updates in making the teaching of Clinical Skills courses better.  

  • General Surgery
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Teaching
  • Evaluation of clinical skills

  • Medical education advancements 
  • Surgical Managements and Treatments advancements 
  • How to improve the teaching of Clinical Skills courses


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