Rajesh K. Jha

Rajesh K. Jha


Assistant Professor, Course Director/Examiner, Systems & Disease I


Rajesh Jha, MD has extensive experience working as an educator, researcher and dental surgeon. His background includes many years as a university professor and as an educational  consultant. Additionally, Dr. Jha has many years of  clinical training and experience as a researcher, pharmacologist, dentist and medical educator. He has extensive experience in curriculum development for medical and paramedical courses. 

Dr. Jha is equally devoted in research activities in different aspects of pharmacology and therapeutics, as well as in medical education. His research has been published in the Infection and Drug Resistance, Advances in Medical Education and Practice, BMC research notes, Journal of Nepal Medical Association, Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics, Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Cancer Drugs Etc.   

  • Pharmacotherapeutics
  • Rational drug use
  • Medical education
  • Please find Rajesh K Jha's publications here: 
    • https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=_vXA4bYAAAAJ&hl=en 
  • Infectious disease
  • Medical education
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Pharmacovigilance
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