Mallika Devi Indran-Sabanayagam

Mallika Devi Indran-Sabanayagam


Professor, Course Director/Examiner Human Histology & Physiology


Courses: MED 514 Human Histology & Physiology (Histology); MED 512 Human Body Structure & Function (Embryology); MED 811 Systems and Diseases II; MED 918 Foundations of Clinical Medicine

Mallika Indran, BDS, PhD, is a trained medical educator, researcher and administrator. Prior to joining Saba, she taught for 31 years in the medical anatomy discipline in the MBBS program and in courses conducted locally, preparing physicians for the primary exams, FRCS Part I, FDSRCS Part I, and MD Psychiatry Part I Examinations. She also served as an anatomy examiner in the FDSRCS Part 1 and MS Dental Surgery Part 1 examinations conducted in collaboration with the Royal College of Surgeons of England. She was an external anatomy examiner to four other universities in the first professional bar examination of the MBBS degree program. Additionally, she taught in the histology and embryology laboratory classes at Glasgow University medical anatomy program, and at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, St. George Campus, she taught medical students in the anatomy laboratory classes in addition to conducting anatomy tutorials.

Dr. Indran holds a personal Chair in Anatomy awarded to her for her meritorious work in the anatomy discipline and to the larger community, which includes authoring atlases and texts in histology and neuroanatomy as well as compiling a health education booklet for high school teachers. In recognition of her contribution as an educator of the dental and maxillofacial surgical professions, in 1997, she was awarded the title FICCDE by the international college of continuing dental education. 

While serving as anatomy professor Dr Indran was elected as president of the College of Dentistry and Stomatology of Sri Lanka, and to the Board of Study in Dental Surgery, a policy decision making regulatory advisory body for postdoctoral maxillofacial surgical and dental training in Sri Lanka. During her three year tenure as President of the College, she successfully initiated bilateral relationships with Japanese universities for popularization of oral and facial research and maxillofacial surgical techniques and chaired the first Japan-Sri Lanka Bilateral International Dental Conference.  

Dr Indran, in her 31 year long academic career prior to joining Saba, organized and served as an editor of several international medical conferences and university research sessions, secretary of a medical society and received awards for research including pedagogical research for neuroanatomy teaching. Her research focused mainly on radiation damage to intestinal villi, salivary glands and oral cavity in experimental and therapeutic situations, consanguinity and disease inheritance and pedagogy for effective delivery in the anatomical discipline. She collaborated in a health systems research study jointly awarded to the Universities of Sri Lanka, Antwerp and Connecticut. Continuing her interest in pedagogical research, she engineered a project on embryology teaching in Saba and presented the findings in a poster presentation in the 2020 Saba Research Sessions. 

  • Histology
  • Embryology
  • Neuroanatomy
  • Anatomy
  • Cytogenetics

  • British Council Assert award for Research studies the UK                                           
  • WHO Regional Fellowships  
  • European Union funded Triangle Program Grant for collaborative research with Universities of Antwerp and Connecticut  
  • Commonwealth Academic Staff Scholarship  
  • Best Basic Sciences Research Poster   
  • Best student Research Project                                       
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship of the Ultrastructural Radiation Biology Research Group, Queen’s University of Belfast   
  • Churchill Trust Grant for cryo-scanning electron microscopy in the Donner Laboratory, Berkeley, California

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  • Experimental and therapeutic radiation effects on normal tissues of  small intestine, salivary glands and oral mucosa
  • Disease inheritance pattern in consanguineous unions
  • Pedagogy for effective  teaching methods


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