Jesus Adelo B. Inciong

Jesus Adelo B. Inciong


Assistant Professor; Course Director/Examiner, Clinical Skills IV


Courses: Clinical Skills and Systems & Disease

Jesus Adelo Inciong, MD had almost 3 decades of clinical practice, and has also mentored residents and trainees in Ob-Gyn and Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery. Despite his previous focus and success in clinical practice, the challenge of moulding minds to pursue excellence and compassion in the field of medicine was never lost to him. The satisfaction of helping students in the Basic Sciences achieve proficiency to face the sometimes daunting rotations in Clinical Medicine was a great motivator. 

A decade of working concurrently in healthcare delivery and financial management augmented his clinical practice experience. These skills and abilities led to recognition and leadership positions in professional and civic organizations. Life experiences that allow him to better search for ways to enhance student learning. 

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery

  • Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery
  • Alternative and Integrative Medicine

Has presented and delivered talks in conventions of: 

  • Philippine Medical Association, Lipa City Medical Society 
  • Philippine Academy of Medical Specialists 
  • Philippine Academy of Non-Surgical Aesthetics 
  • Philippine Academy of Aesthetic  and Age Management 
  • UERM Medical Alumni Association 
  • St. Luke’s Pediatrics Alumni Association 


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