Florina F. Estrada

Florina F. Estrada

M.D., M.A. Education, Ph.D. Education Management

Professor, Physiology, Systems and Disease


Florina F. Estrada has extensive work experience in academic medicine; she has been involved in both teaching medical subjects and administrative tasks for more than three decades.  Aside from teaching Physiology, she has also taught Medical Ethics and written modules in clinical medicine such as Clinical Neurosciences and Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine. She has given training workshops in assessment and evaluation, problem-based learning, and test construction using the NBME model.

Dr. Estrada worked with the Ministry of Education in a Southeast Asian nation and was appointed as a Principal Lecturer and as a Quality Assurance officer. Her duties included teaching, implementation and evaluation of a state university’s (Institut Teknologi Brunei) strategic initiatives for teaching and learning. She also was involved in the documentation and archiving of quality assurance procedures such as students’ evaluation of courses or modules and teaching effectiveness.  

Dr. Estrada has been a manuscript reviewer for the JIAMSE (Journal of International Association of Medical Science Educators, renamed as Medical Science Educator) with Problem-Based Learning research as the area for review and worked as its back-up translator of biomedical articles and documents written in Spanish.   

Dr. Estrada’s research interests lean more on teaching and learning issues such as the use of technology in teaching and assessment; self-directed learning and learning outcomes; assessment and evaluation of student learning; and innovative teaching strategies. 

  • Physiology
  • Educational assessment and evaluation
  • Quality assurance
  • Medical ethics
  • UERMMMC, Diamond Jubilee Awardee, Philippines; in recognition of commitment to the advancement of medical education; 7 June 2016
  • University of Santo Tomas Graduate School, Philippines; Ph.D. Educational Management, cum laude; March 2003 
  • UERMMMC, Philippines; Service Award (Academic Medicine: Contribution to Medical Humanities  Curriculum Design); June 1991 
  • Reflective Journal Writing as an Approach to Enhancing Students’ Learning Experience, published in Brunei Darussalam Journal of Technology and Commerce (BDJTC), 2014 Vol 8 
  • Curriculum Change in Medical Education in Seven Medical Schools in the Philippines: Towards Building a Model of Planned Change in Undergraduate Medicine, 2003, (updated version 2012), University of Santo Tomas theses & dissertation archive, UST Library, Philippines 
  • Article on PBL: Theoretical Framework of Problem-Based Learning, published in UERMMMC Journal of Health Sciences, Vol.5 No. 3, Sept.- Dec. 2002 
  • Essay: Politics, Good Governance and Medical Education, UERMMMC-USA Alumni Newsletter, Spring Issue, 2004 
  • Translated works in Spanish, biomedical documents/articles for JIAMSE (Journal renamed as Medical Science Educator), Vol. 13, Dec. 2003 : 
  • La Guia Recurso del Educador Médico 1 (The Medical Educator’s Guide by John R. Cotter, Ph.D.) 
  • Un Módulo Integrado para Introducir a los Estudiantes de Medicina del Primer Año al Cancer de Seno en el Primer Trimestre del Currículum Médico (An Integrated Module to Introduce Freshmen Medical Students to Breast Cancer in the First-Term of the Curriculum by Patrick W. Tank, Ph.D., Linda A. Deloney, Ed.D, Robert Burns, Ph.D., c. James Graham, M.D.) 
  • Enseñar y Aprendisaje de la Comunidad: El desarollo del Programa de Alcance que Supervisado de los Estudiantes (Teaching and Learning from the Community: The Development of a Student-Run Outreach Program by James Hsiao, MSIII) 
  • La Associación de Correctivo Tutorial a los Estudiantes en el Riesgo de Fallar la Anatomía y su Desempeño Mejorado ( Association of Remedial Tutorial to Students at Risk of Failing Anatomy and Their Improved Performance by Nagaswami S. Vasan, D.V.M., Ph.D.) 
  • El Mensaje de la Presidenta por Giulia A. Bonaminio, Ph.D. ( Message from the President by the president of IAMSE, G. A. Bonaminio) 
  • La Guia Recurso del Educador Médico 2 (The Medical Educator’s Guide by John R. Cotter, Ph.D.) La Excelencia en Ciencias Basicas (Excellence in Basic Sciences by Uldis N. Streips and Kenneth R. Bain) 
  • Co-author,A Didactic Guide in Physiology- A Compendium of Human Physiology (Department of Physiology, UERMMMC, 1990); (b) Co-editor, Bioethics Forum: A Compilation of Readings  (Department of Medical Humanities, UERMMMC, 1992) 
  • Co-translated, with Prof. Manuel Lopez Segundo (UNAM, Mexico DF),medical texts / documents from Spanish to English for the Institute of Cardiology, Mexico, D. F.Manual for the Training Program of Cardiology Specialties and Subspecialties; Cardiology exams for subspecialties- Pediatric Cardiology, Echocardiography, Electrocardiophysiology, Nuclear Cardiology, etc. 
  • Co-author (Tan & Sepulveda), Handbook for Assessment and Evaluation/Design and Evaluation of/Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) – AMAIUB College of Medicine Bahrain (Unpublished, Sept 2011) 
  • Teaching and learning issues, e.g. use of technology in teaching and assessment
  • Student-directed learning and learning outcomes
  • Assessment and evaluation of student learning
  • 8th Annual Meeting, IAMSE; U of Tulane, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; 10-13 July 2004; as Focus Session Leader: Key Factors for Successful Curricular Innovations
  • Third (3rd) Gulf Conference, Crown Plaza Hotel; Manama, kingdom of Bahrain; Oct. 29-31, 2007; Gulf Conference for Health Education (Health Promotion Is a Gulf Investment); Topic: “A Strategic Plan for Infant Routine Immunization to Reduce HBV Infections” 
  • Test Construction Workshop, College of Medicine; AMA International U, Bahrain; Apr 19 2011; Topic: Multiple Choice Questions: Design & Evaluation   
  • Test Construction Workshop, College of Medicine; AMA International U, Bahrain; Apr 22 2011; Topic: Planning a Test: Test Specifications & Construction
  • Test Construction Workshop, College of Medicine; AMA International U, Bahrain; May 22 2011; Topic: Constructing & Formatting Objective Tests & Essays 
  • Test Construction Workshop, College of Medicine; AMA International U, Bahrain; May 22 2011; Topic: Validity, Reliability & Quality of MCQs 
  • A Guide to PBL Process, AMAIUB; College of Medicine, Bahrain; 11 Sept 2011; A Faculty Orientation
  • Professional Communication for Business, Engineering & Technology (PCBET) Conference 2014; Gadong, Brunei; 7-9 Oct 2014; As paper presenter: 
    • Task-based Learning for Developing Effective Team Communication Skills among Engineering Students at ITB” 
    • Reflective Journal Writing as an Approach to Enhancing Students’ Learning Experience” 
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