Daniel Kenneth Linton

Daniel Kenneth Linton

B.Sc. Combined Honours, Biol/Psych. M.A., Ph.D. Psychology

Associate Professor, Course Director/Examiner, Behavioral Medicine; Chair, Behavioral Sciences Department


Courses: Behavioral Medicine, Clinical Skills III, Neuroscience and Neurology, Systems and Disease II, Foundations of Clinical Medicine

Daniel Linton, Ph.D., has had extensive experience teaching in clinical and nonclinical psychology programs throughout Canada and the US before coming to Saba. Dr.Linton has published in the areas of social bullying, personality, occupational psychology, and evolutionary psychology. He has taught psychology, biology, chemistry, ethics, and behavioral statistics in his career. Graduate work included somatic preference, aspects of the relationship between evolution, morphology and behavior, and biofeedback and psychosomatic self-regulation. 

  • Mental disorders
  • Health psychology/psychosomatic medicine/psychosomatic self-regulation
  • Evolutionary psychology/Darwinian medicine/comparative biopsychology
  • Biosocial factors in behavior

  • Linton, D. K., & Wiener, N. I. (2001). Personality and potential conceptionsPersonality and Individual Differences, 31, 675-688 (London).     
  • Klonowski, D., Power, J. L., & Linton, D. (2008). The development of franchise operations in emerging markets: The case of a Poland-based restaurant operator. Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 49 (4), 436-449.   
  • Linton, D. K. & Power, J. L. (2013). Traits of Workplace Bullies are often shared by their Victims: Is there a Dark Side to Victims?. Personality and Individual Differences,54, 738-743. 

  • Psychopathology
  • Personality and behavior
  • Psychosomatic self-regulation/health psychology/ psychosomatic medicine
  • Evolutionary psychology/Darwinian medicine/comparative biopsychology
  • Biosocial factors in behavior

  • Linton, D. K. (1999). Personality, adaptation, and potential conceptions in a modern male sample. Paper presented at the Eighth Annual In-House Conference, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, April 26-27.   
  • Linton, D. K. (1999). Personality and potential conceptions. Paper presented at the 19th Annual Meeting of the Association for Politics and the Life Sciences, Four Seasons Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, September 2-5.


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