Glenn Wayne Jones

Glenn Wayne Jones


Assistant Dean, Clinical Medicine; Professor of Medicine


Courses: Occupational English Test preparation course; Research: Literature Review and Analysis (mentor and evaluator); Clerkship Patient Notes (evaluator) 

Dr. Glenn Jones is a Clinical Scholar, Radiation Oncologist, Epidemiologist, and Biostatistician.  During his three-decade career he divided his time equally between clinical practice and academic activities.

Dr. Jones has extensive experience in radiation medicine, medical physics, image-anatomy-based planning, and psychosocial oncology.  He has managed nine thousand patients.  He has been a leader, researcher and innovator in: quality assurance; system redesign and end-2-end analytics; peer-to-peer review; and multidisciplinary case conferencing.  Dr. Jones practiced in Canada 1989-2015, and then in the Eastern Caribbean in 2015-2019. He invented Strategic Value (2012) for clinical practice development and evolution, and INSPIRES (2009) for direct whole-patient care. To advance a culture of safety and value in survivorship of cancer and chronic diseases, Dr. Jones is becoming an Integrative Nutrition Heath Coach and teacher.   

Dr. Jones has held continual university and teaching appointments during his medical career, and is an accomplished researcher and methodologist in both public and clinical epidemiology.  He has publications in major journals such as Radiotherapy & Oncology and the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology and Physics, as well as in Cancer,  Cancer Causes & Control, Journal Supportive Care in Cancer, Lancet, Science and Medical Education.  Since 2002, he has worked with the International Atomic Energy Agency of the United Nations as Chief Scientific Officer (methods, data handling and statistics) for six international multicentre randomized trials in cancer control.  Other studies have involved teams in pathology, nursing, pharmacy, dermatology, cancer screening, supportive care, emotions and distress, and psychosocial oncology.  Dr. Jones provides voluntary research assistance to medical trainees and advocates in Haiti, St. Lucia, Anguilla and the Bahamas.

Dr. Jones has a passion for proving, improving and transforming healthcare through integrative end-2-end approaches to patient safety and service value.  He invented Strategic Value (2012) to train for and to manage clinical practice--embracing four core practice values of centering, coordinating, equipping and evolving. 

  • Clinical Education
  • Oncologist
  • Clinical Epidemiologist
  • Biostatistician
  • Clinical Research
  • Research Mentoring
  • Integrative Nutritional Health Coach

Please see more complete listing at; highlights include: 

  • Machine Learning to extract communication and history-taking skills in OSCE transcripts, Medical Education, 2020;54:1159-1170. 
  • Radiotherapy utilization in developing countries: an IAEA study. Radiotherapy Oncology, 2018;128:400-405. 
  • A pilot course for training-in-context in statistics and research methods. Afr J Health Professions Educ, 2012;4:102-106. 
  • Models of care for post-treatment follow-up of adult cancer survivors: a systematic review and quality appraisal of the evidence. J Cancer Survivor, 2012;6:359-371. 
  • Total skin electron radiation in the management of mycosis fungoides: consensus of the EORTC Cutaneous Lymphoma Project Group. J Amer Acad Dermatol, 2002;47:364-370. 

  • Machine learning in communication skills training
  • Analytics using medical school data and research projects, for student success
  • Coaching to improve medical student success
  • Leveraging new technologies to teach evidence-based medicine
  • Dentistry nano-protection and remineralization
  • Traditional ethnobotanical therapies 

A few recent activities: 

  • Optimizing the teaching of statistics and research methods for medical trainees.  School Clinical Medicine Research, UWI-Nassau. WIMJ, 2018;67(S3):13-14. 
  • Radiobiological analysis of outcomes using external beam radiotherapy plus high dose rate brachytherapy (4x7Gy or 2x9Gy) for cervix cancer in a multi-instituion trial. Plenary session, ASTRO, Internat J Radiat Biol Phys, 2017.


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